Strength in Numbers: A Celebration of Individuality

For those who know me well or have been following my journey via my blog andmy blog’s Facebook page (, self-esteem, body image and self-worth have been constant battles and struggles for me. Through all I have weathered throughout my life, I’ve always looked to those who choose to rise in response to naysayers, or those who may judge them. People like UCLA gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi who just the other day stepped forward to confront the judgments, criticisms and evaluations surrounding her body and physical appearance, are a source of inspiration and strength to me.

just be you

With her body considered to some as being more curvy in comparison to other gymnasts, Katelyn proudly stepped forward to reclaim her individuality, saying goodbye to self-hatred, or relying on others words to confirm her worth. To me, her declarations are an inspiration, a symbol of beauty and strength and the epitome of all I hope to embody someday, as I weather through the self-defeating thoughts and emotions quite regularly.

gymnast quote

How noble, brave and courageous to greet adversity and the naysayers in the eye and declare her vow to as she states, “Today I stand with a love that penetrates deeper than any wedding band, because I am my OWN size and no WORDS or JUDGEMENTAL STARES will make me compromise.” She ends her thoughts with an even louder declaration that still makes me smile and feel such joy even at this very moment – “Today, my self-hatred says its GOODBYE.

be yourself

In my mind, Katelyn is representative of all it means to be who you are, to recognize your differences and that makes someone unique. Uniqueness is not something to be hidden or concealed, or pushed aside to meet the expectations or needs of others; it is an honor to be different and it deserves to be shared with the world, as Katelyn did. Thank you, Katelyn, for your bravery and for standing your truth and reminding us all that to BE YOURSELF, bravely in a world that encourages us to be something or someone we’re not, is a beautiful thing.

be as you are



A Big Screen Becomes Reality

As a teenager, my friends and I would regularly spend the majority of our weekend evenings visiting the mall, sleeping over each others’ houses and seeing the newest releases in the movie theatre. As a 30-year-old, I’m from the era of many beloved teen and young adult films, such as Never Been Kissed, She’s All That, Now & Then and a host of others, including 13 Going on 30, a 2004 movie starring Jennifer Garner, as an up and coming magazine editor who wakes up one day 17 years older. That movie, in itself, always particularly resonated with me, for no other reason then it was the life I THOUGHT I’d be leading, or sought to lead, rather. From a tender age, magazines were always fascinating to me and even as a kindergartner, I recall cradling my sister’s magazine in my hands, intrigued to look at the photos and layouts, hoping to someday read/comprehend all the words spilling across the pages.

13 Going on 30

Though I’ve seen 13 Going on 30 countless times, it was numerous years since the most recent occasion, but last night, as my mom and I sat down to dinner, I began channel surfing and landed on a showing of it and decided to catch the last 30 minutes. As Jennifer Garner and her fellow co-stars (Mark Ruffalo and a host of others) filled the screen, a moment of realization sunk in. The movie, from 2004, which premiered in late April, just days leading to my 16th birthday, now depicted adults the same age I currently am. It was eye-opening at that moment, watching a film I first watched and enjoyed as a teen believing I’d eventually be leading the “cosmopolitan” life I thought I coveted. Watching the movie became difficult for me and I found it nearly excruciating to get through; an instance completely the contrary to how I’d felt as a teen. After my 19th birthday, I all but abandoned my goals and dreams of one day becoming a magazine editor or journalist, switching my major halfway through college, realizing that maybe my original dreams no longer suited me and what I felt my calling was. Still though, watching the last parts of 13 Going on 30 was a reminder of everything I left behind and how my teenage and high school years came to an abrupt end at the beginning of my senior year in high school. Often times, as I’ve said to close family members, I feel as though I closed my eyes as a 17-year-old in early September, leaving behind friendships and goals and woke up much older, needing to readjust my dreams; similar, in a way, to Jenna, the title character in 13 Going on 30.

One thing about the movie though, still stands as true to me as it ever was. During one of the last scenes of the movie, Jenna, as a magazine editor, presents her “vision board,” to other magazine staffers and her boss, emphasizing the need to see REAL women in ads and magazine profiles. In this presentation, she states, “I want to see…real women who are smart and pretty and happy to be who they are… I think all of us want to feel something that we’ve forgotten or turned our backs on because maybe we didn’t realize how much we were leaving behind. We need to remember what used to be good. If we don’t, we won’t recognize it even if it hits us between the eyes.”

The perspective of Jenna is one I’ve always maintained, no matter the changes or shifts I’ve undergone in my life and in the 14 years since the movie’s premiere. Looking back on my difficulties in watching the film last night, I realize that even though my dreams of being a magazine editor living a sophisticated life may have shifted, I can see look that life and appreciate it, recognizing it as a beautiful one, but perhaps not for me. It’s the way I’ve started to look at other things in my life, simultaneously – seeing clothing or accessories on someone and appreciating how it looks on them, but realizing it isn’t right for me. Simply because we admire or think something or someone, for that matter, is beautiful does not mean or have to be right for me or us.

Live Life quote                             Growth quote

It’s true evidence of the quote, “The way we are looking at things changes the way we see them.”

Change What you Look At quote

Where and How we Land: Letting Happiness Find YOU

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced the reality of this perspective/saying on numerous occasions. Many of which I am truly grateful for. A couple instances in particular stand out to me; when I graduated college over 8.5 years ago, in the months to follow and even prior to graduating, I interviewed for countless jobs. During many of the interviews, I felt I might have had a chance, albeit a small one, yet in the days/weeks to follow, the rejections mounted. Sometimes, a rejection never came at all, but rather an assumption that they had moved on.. without me.

Keep on quote

The month of October of that year arrived and still, I came up empty. Realizing time was of the essence with student loans approaching repayment and my desire to make a difference growing each day, the job posting came without warning. As someone who has consistently read the tangible newspaper each day, since the 4th grade (when my teacher instructed us to choose articles for current events, each week), the job listings were one area I regularly scanned. That day, a posting stood out to me for an organization with a goal and mission calling to me. The job was one, however, I questioned if I could do and it surely would be a challenge at that, but one I felt I could take on.

Given the obstacles I’d encountered and overcome in the years leading and following my high school graduation, I felt moderately inspired to submit my application for the position and hope for the best. Much to my surprise, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, the call came from that very organization requesting an interview. In minutes, with the interview secured, I focused on that day. Still to this moment, I recall that very interview day; a day in late October, with the sun abundantly shining, a crisp Fall feeling in the air, and a smile on my face. For some reason that day, as I entered my car to drive to the interview, I felt different; more confident and composed, ready to take on the inquiries thrown at me.

In the hours following the interview, a second one was quickly scheduled for the next day and during that second interview, the job was secured. The key point of this memory is the notion that because I didn’t land all those jobs I’d interviewed for prior and after graduating college, I was able to secure the one I speak of today; my first professional job. It was one where I met co-workers who became dear friends; the entire office becoming like family. It was a place, where despite it being work, felt like I was coming to a second home, each morning.

With that being said, we never know what is ahead, we never know what is in the works for us, or that every “no,” or “door closed,” could be leading to an exceptional life, filled with chances and possibilities. With every no, rejection both personally and professionally, I make it my goal to tell myself that what and who is RIGHT for me, will never pass me by.

Things Going Our Way Quote

So I hope for you, no matter how challenging it can be at times, or how excruciating supposed “defeat” may feel, you can persist and appreciate and remember your worth and how much more you deserve. Stay strong and keep on, because you are WORTH IT.

Written in the Stars: Remembering You

This very post has been a long-time coming – over 7 months, in fact. Truth is, I contemplated and struggled with whether it should even be written at all. Every moment I summoned the courage to sit down and write it, my fears and apprehensions overtook and ultimately, I opted not to. Though for me, composing my thoughts, albeit publicly is often a means for healing and even making sense of what happened. It wasn’t even that something necessarily “happened,” to me, per se, but rather something I felt and eventually, discovered.

Those who know me well, or who may have been reading along the past several years I’ve had this blog, are aware that reading and books in general, are of the utmost importance to me. The majority of my life, I have been reading, spending time perusing library shelves and fully engaging myself in tangible books. With that being said, back in 2012, after leaving a full-time job due to various circumstances, I found myself with large amounts of time on my hand, more time than I’d had in years. Since I’d started working full-time following my college graduation, the time I’d spent reading had dramatically decreased. In fact, I could barely recall the last time I completed an entire book. Therefore, in the days leading up to my job resignation, I started to once again visit my local library – becoming a safe haven for me in those subsequent months. As a teenager, I became quite fond of one still very beloved movie, “The Notebook,” also a book by Nicholas Sparks. I’d heard quite a bit about Nicholas Sparks and his books, but at that point, my only experience with Sparks was through both Message In a Bottle (I saw this as a very, very young child and was not even aware until around the time I began reading his books, that this movie, too, was also a Sparks novel) and The Notebook in their movie versions. Curious about what the allure could actually be, I rented several of his books from the library and that summer, I breezed through numerous ones, becoming entranced and enraptured by his books, his prose and his ability to captivate me even through the first several pages.

Back in the Fall, I learned that Sparks’ newest novel, “Every Breath,” would be released in October. Immediately, I rushed to place a hold on it through my local library and patiently awaited an email informing me it was ready for pickup. Much to my dismay, the email ceased to arrive until just weeks ago. Quickly, I retreated to the library and began reading as fast as I could. Prior to reading, I hesitated, however, given that in the past several years, for one reason or another, I couldn’t connect with Sparks’ newer novels. Something about them failed to resonate with me and I started to distance myself from them, though from the first few pages of Every Breath, I knew the allure of Sparks was back and thus, ended up inspiring this very blog post. Prior to the novel actually beginning, Sparks details his inspiration behind the book, captivating me through the power of one of my favorite phenomenons – serendipity; finding something or someone, for that matter, completely by chance or fate/destiny.

Every Breath

Several pages in, I was transported 9.5 years back in time to my 21st summer, in early June 2009, in the early evening hours. It was a warm, humid night, in very late Spring and given the earlier events in the day, I was overjoyed. Having switched my major in college from journalism to psychology, transferred schools and also having been on medical leave, I had quite a bit of catching up to do and so I made the choice to take on an entire semester’s worth of summer classes that year. Though, that June evening was truly a cause for celebration; it signaled the conclusion of the first set of my summer courses, receiving an “A” in my much-feared math course; an accomplishment meaning more to me than I could even express, given math is a sore subject of mine. Weeks earlier, my sister and I made an unexpected connection to our half-brother, someone we hadn’t seen or spoken to in many, many years and even then, our communication was minimal. Living across the country for most of his adult life, that summer he made a visit to our area and so we opted to connect with him. Though, that night in particular, he casually mentioned he and his friends from high school that he’d grown up with would be visiting a local bar and mentioned it would be fun if I’d stop by. Barely having to consider it longer than a few seconds, I responded with a joyful, “Yes, I’d love to!” There was shock and surprise in his voice as stated, “Oh wow, I didn’t think you’d really want to come.” This was cause for celebration, though, I explained to him; me having completed some of the most trying courses of my college career in a short amount of time and I was looking to celebrate however I could.

We arranged to meet about a half hour or so later and though as I readied myself, nervousness started to kick in, having never met any of his friends and barely having spent time with my half-brother, himself. Still, I bravely drove myself to that neighborhood bar, as a newly-minted 21-year-old (it was only a month subsequent to that very birthday), unsure as to what would end up transpiring. The bar was filled to capacity, loud and boisterous with TV’s blaring, friends laughing, pool being played and towards the back of the crowded area, sat my half-brother and a vast assortment of his childhood friends. Happily, he rose to greet me, briefly hugging me before introducing me to his friends. Once introductions were made, I sat in the small table off to the side, adjacent to where my half-brother and his friends were huddled. He was on the small side, quiet, with a friendly-face and calming/welcoming eyes. His hair was a dark brown and his eyes a lighter shade of brown (to maintain his privacy, I’ll call him P). My half-brother was staying with him during his visit, as I was told he would typically do. From the moment he introduced himself, I knew he was different than the others. Throughout the course of the 4+ hour evening, he came to reveal more to me than most other guys ever had; he was a survivor of childhood cancer, but the cancer treatments had severely weakened his heart and so he was scheduled for heart surgery in late summer. He was successful in his career, a homeowner and from what I could quickly tell, a kind person and helpful friend. Our conversation was easy and near effortless, even with the silences, they were of the comfortable kind. For the first time as a young adult, I felt seen and recognized. With him, though I barely knew him, I felt a connection, one I’d never known before. He was years older than me, but at that moment, I realized it barely mattered – for me, at least. Still, there was much I didn’t know and so as we approached “last call,” at the bar, we made our way out the door, both into our respective cars and I wondered if I’d see him again and if he’d felt similar feelings.

It was awkward in the days and weeks to follow; I contemplated asking my half-brother about P, but I wasn’t sure if it would be the right choice, so I worked my way around it. My dad, (also my half-brother’s father) would be seeing my half-brother prior to him heading home and so I casually asked my dad if he could ask about P. He agreed and hours following their visit, provided me with P’s email address and phone number. Nervous enough as it was, I opted for the email and composed one that very evening. A short time later, P responded (but with so many years having passed, it’s hard for me to even recall what he actually said, though I do remember certain key points): he stated he’d be having the heart surgery he mentioned, soon and that it wasn’t a right time to “get involved with someone.” It’s hard for me to recall if I actually mentioned anything to him along the lines of dating or seeing him again and I don’t recall if I responded to his email or not, but I remember feeling foolish. Looking back, I can truly see his perspective, but back then, I struggle to remember if I did. It was a chance meeting we had, but in the years to follow, I’d still periodically think of him, wondering if we’d ever cross paths again.

Nicholas Sparks

In the subsequent years, my half-brother and I lost contact, somehow losing touch and moving on with our respective lives. Still, I’d sometimes think of P and would search for him on Facebook, but always came up empty. I knew so little about him, yet, something abut his personality and spirit had captivated me. This past Spring, in the months leading to my 30th birthday in May, I started to reach out to those I’d lost touch with, wondering if it was something I said or did. As I approached my 30th year, I started to reflect on my life and past experiences, feeling as though the coming year and new decade of life was a turning point for me. Thus, this included reaching out to my half-brother, as nervous as I was. His response was warm and well-received and so I bravely questioned if he still stayed with P during his visits home, feeling it was a basic inquiry.

Serendipity quote

My question to him went unanswered for several days and I wondered if I’d said something wrong or if my inquiry about P was misinterpreted. Though, I had my answer, one I’d never expect or dream of receiving while in line at a store with my mom. I clicked on the message and nearly felt my breath slip away as I read my half-brother’s words. Just days prior, P had passed away; losing his life on the operating table during another heart surgery (apparently, he’d continued to battle heart issues in the 9 years following that first heart surgery he was scheduled for). Otherwise healthy and active, P had apparently married and frequently visited Utah, where my half-brother lived for numerous years. Reading this and letting the traumatic thoughts sink in, I was left without words; just short of a decade had passed and finally when I’d summoned the courage to ask about him, it was too late. Though, in the months I’ve had to digest this tragedy, I realize if he, or we had been right, it wouldn’t have been too late. There is a true sadness I feel, knowing his life was cut too short, leaving his wife, family and friends and despite only having spent mere hours with him all those years ago, it is better to have known than to always wonder.

For me, the story of P is proof in serendipity; a realization that we can meet, interact with or learn of someone in mere seconds and our lives can be forever changed or impacted. Reading the newest book by Nicholas Sparks somehow afforded me with the courage and bravery to finally compose my thoughts about P and maybe to some, our meeting may seem like just two strangers talking one night, to me, it was the first time I realized it doesn’t always have to take years to know someone and even if he wasn’t meant to always be physically present in my life, he still taught me something – believe in chances and never be afraid to ask what you wish to know.

Meet People quote

Rest in peace, P; “A beautiful soul is never forgotten.”


A Bagful of Rescues: How Chala Handbags Merges Fashion & Philanthropy into “Charitable Giving You Can Wear!”

Good Morning to you and Happy Fall Weekend! For years, the Fall season has been a favorite a mine, combining many of my favorite holidays, activities and weather. In fact, just a few short days ago, on October 10th, unbeknownst to me in years prior, National Handbag Day was celebrated, falling in line with an opportunity I was recently presented with. For me, as someone who has always loved shopping, though I enjoy shopping for apparel, accessories (i.e. handbags, jewelry & shoes) have always held my true affections, given no matter one’s size, accessories can often last a lifetime. An accessory can truly make an outfit, with the ability to dress it up or down, adding a hint of flair, sophistication and a chance to put a unique spin on anything one wears. From a chunky bracelet, a colorful pendant necklace, vibrant heels, or a crossbody bag adorned with charms and other details, accessories allow for one’s personality and creativity to shine through with ease and endless options.

Fashion and Style                Beauty Begins quote

With that being said, several weeks ago, while accompanying my mom to her doctor’s appointment located within the medical building in our local hospital, St. Mary Medical Center, upon exiting the building, we came to a halt as we approached the gift shop. Recently renovated and expanded, the window displays stopped us in our tracks, adorned with charming jewelry, mugs, decals and beyond. Taking a closer look, I focused my attention on what I noticed peeking out from behind; an assortment of handbags with keychains, friendly images and a style about them drawing me in. Though it was getting to be later in the day, my mom questioned if I’d like to take a look and after brief hesitation, ultimately, I agreed, tempted to see what treasures I could find, curious about the aforementioned handbags summoning my attention. Weaving my way through the slim aisles of the shop, the display of totebags, keychains and small crossbody bags appeared before me. Seeing the friendly images emblazoned on them, I couldn’t help but smile. Without hesitation, I grabbed the tote bag, placing it on my shoulder while searching inside, lined with polka-dots. Calling my mom over to see for herself, she and I stood for several moments taking in the collection, as I became fixated on the words imprinted on the tags, detailing their charitable partnership with an animal rescue organization.

Serendipity quote

For those who know me well, or have been following my blog, it is a known fact that animal rescues in particular hold a special place in my heart. My first dog, Oliver (pictured below), a 15.5-year-old Bichon Frise who was beside me from the time he was six weeks old, passed away in November 2017, leaving a deep void in my heart and family.

Oliver tongue

Not simply a pet to me, he was an active and imperative role in my family, my trusted confidante and his absence still is felt each day. Though with that being said, with his passing came a deepened interest in animal rescues. More and more I began to follow local animal rescues on social media, seeing the rampant need growing each day. Innocent, deserving and worthy animals in need of homes, care and treatment began to actively fill my newsfeeds, tugging on my heartstrings until one Sunday morning in early February 2018, the choice was made. All it took was a moment for my eyes to settle on her friendly, furry face; her white fur accented by light brown, her uniquely-colored amber eyes, and her pleasant demeanor and within hours, the application for her adoption was submitted. About two and a half weeks later, that very dog became Daisy (pictured below), my feisty family member who brings joy and sunshine to my life each day, providing me with awareness that I could care for and love another dog as welcomed her into my life and she becomes as important as Oliver, her “brother,” as I refer to him as.

Daisy chair

Nonetheless, as my mom and I stood in the gift shop and I took in the collection of handbags – Chala Handbags, to be specific, it was my first experience ever seeing and hearing of them, knowing I’d surely be a customer. Not only does their strong partnership with animal rescues heighten their allure, but their vast collections and array of merchandise is in a class of its own, with a product surely for everyone. Whether your interest is in animals, music, nature, and beyond, Chala Handbags offers a unique way to showcase your affections, offering a collection of items designed in the USA, with sophistication, style, and class. Much to my delight, the team at Chala Handbags offered me the incredible opportunity to select any item of my liking and today, I’m here to share not only my direct experience with the handbag I chose, but also detail the full company background, as they offer not only high-quality, durable fashion accessories to complement everyone’s unique style, but the chance to help animals in need, simultaneously.

Gift Shop Full Photo            Gift Shop Photo 2

CHALA Handbags: ( – official company website)

Chala Handbags Logo

Social Media Channels:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
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  • Pinterest:

CHALA Handbags Company Information: (via, the company’s official website):

Chala Handbags Small Offerings

  • Chala Handbags identifies itself as a “team of creative designers who love handbags so much, they decided to craft their own!” They pride themselves in creating fashion rather than following it and add a unique touch and flair to all of their products.
  • As stated on their website, they approach life with both “passion and creativity,” believing that “doing what you like and liking what you do are the keys to happiness.”

Chala Saying with Bag

  • Their optimistic, encouraging outlook and philosophy on life spills across their vast product line and offerings, summoning smiles and a lighthearted vibe, with each bag and accessory item unique from the next. They pride themselves in adorning their items with a “hint of whimsy,” as they describe it on their website. Therefore, with Chala Handbags, there’s never a need to sacrifice sophistication with a unique complement of fun, as the two are definitely merged.
  • Showcasing their love and dedication to animals and nature, Chala Handbags emphasizes the importance of “celebrating who you are and showing it to the world,” and being “bold and unique while keeping one’s feet on the ground.” In other words, be humble and uniquely you.
  • By carrying a Chala Handbag or accessory item, not only will you showcase your flair and sophistication, but you’ll also help rescue and provide care for deserving animals in need of a loving home and potentially life-saving treatments.

CHALA Handbags as a Charitable Partner:

  • With many of their products adorned, complemented or emblazoned with animals or animal symbols, Chala Handbags is a proud advocate of animal rights and welfare.
  • In fact, each year, 5% of Chala Handbags’ net profit is proudly donated to their charity partner, Heart and Home Animal Rescue (, a California-based animal rescue serving both dogs and cats. Operating solely through sponsors/partners, like Chala Handbags, as well as donations, Heart and Home Animal Rescue is run by a team of dedicated volunteers eager to provide care and loving homes for animals in need.
  • Therefore, customers and retailers alike purchasing and selling Chala Handbags can feel good about their purchases, receiving not only an exquisite product designed in the USA, but also are making a worthy contribution, simultaneously.
  • Each Chala Handbag comes adorned with a heart-shaped tag detailing their charitable partnership, as showcased in the photo below.

Chala Handbag Tag

Where to Buy CHALA Handbags: If I’ve piqued your interest enough to stimulate a potential purchase, have no fear, there are numerous retailers offering Chala Handbags for purchase –

  • Simply type Chala Handbags in the search bar and you’ll be afforded with a vast array of Chala Handbags and accessories to choose from.
  • The Handbag Store (via

CHALA Handbag Collections: Though Chala Handbags exhibits a strong interest and emphasis on animals, featuring them on many items, their vast offerings are certainly NOT limited to strictly animals. Whether your interests are rooted in animals, nature (i.e. bees, butterflies, birds, hummingbirds), music, dance, oceanic or sea life (i.e. turtles, seahorses, fish, mermaids, whales), origami, safari (giraffes, bears, etc), the Winter season (i.e. snowmen, polar bears) and beyond, there is surely a collection and associated item for you! The following are the official Chala Handbag collections:

  • FARM

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TYPES of CHALA Handbag PRODUCTS: Though their official name is Chala Handbags, they do not solely offer handbags, but also feature a vast array of merchandise, equally as diverse as their collections including traditional wallets, crossbody wallets, keychains and fobs and beyond:


Chala Handbags Accessories  Chala Handbags Accessories 2   Chala Handbags Accessories 3


Chala Handbags Backpacks  Chala Handbags Backpacks 2


Chala Handbags Bowling Bags

  • CROSSBODY BAGS (Dazzle, Deluxe, Organizer, Half-Moon, Wallet)

Chala Handbags Crossbody    Chala Handbags Crossbody 3  Chala Handbags Crossbody 2  Chala Handbags Dazzled Crossbody  Chala Handbags Half Moon CrossbodyChala Handbags Wallet Crossbody


Chala Handbags Deluxe Messenger Bag 2


Chala Handbags Key Fob



Chala Handbags Sweet Hobo Tote


Chala Handbags Sweet Messenger Bag


Chala Handbags Tote Bags


Chala Handbags Zip Around Wallet

My EXPERIENCE with CHALA Handbags: As I previously mentioned, Cris and the incredible team at Chala Handbags graciously offered me with the unique opportunity to choose any Chala item. Reviewing their vast product line, I ultimately chose the Metal Paw Print Charming Crossbody in Brown. Attracted to its unique shape and design, the paw print charm resonated with me and piqued my interest, due to harboring a strong passion for animals. Upon receiving the bag in the mail, it was neatly packaged, with packaging securing the charms, the strap (also detachable and changeable to your liking and preferences), and came with all tags attached.

Chala Handbag Me

The bag is deceivingly large inside, offering a cell phone pocket inside, a zipped area, as well as a soft, polka-dotted lining with vast space. A large zipper surrounds the enclosure and when unzipped, offers a deep pocket to be easily filled with an assortment of contents, allowing for simple, lightweight carrying.

Chala Handbag Inside

For me, this purse is the ultimate crossbody and solution. For many years, I struggled to find a crossbody large enough, but still a reasonable size and lightweight that could accommodate my full-size wallet. Well, now that I’ve located Chala Handbags, this concern of mine is no longer an issue! Not only does this handbag accommodate my wallet, but also secures my iPhone and other pertinent contents I routinely carry and want to carry around with me. With my new Chala Handbag, I’m confident and at ease, knowing my uniqueness and interests are being equally served. For me, there is nothing better than a company providing me with exquisite merchandise that is helpful and useful in my everyday life, while allowing me to easily donate to causes in need, such as animal rescue. With a Chala Handbag purchase, there is a certain upbeat and optimistic vibe that comes along with it. No two bags are the same, there is always an opportunity to make it one’s own.

I’d like to offer my sincere and genuine gratitude to Chala Handbags for providing me with this incredible opportunity and for supplying me with my handbag of choice! It makes me proud to show my support and satisfaction with a company such as Chala Handbags and my hope that others will feel as intrigued and motivated as I have.

Be unique, be you, and celebrate your style, because nothing you love or makes you feel good is ever out of style!

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Kindness Without a Cost

In a world where we are constantly surrounded and seemingly inundated with constant reminders of violence, crime, or the malicious acts of others, there is always another side. This other side I speak of, became all the more telling and apparent to me yesterday, in more ways than one.

During and after a visit to a doctor I saw for the first time, yesterday, during the exam and after, I sat in astonishment and awe, finally being heard and recognized. No longer did I feel ignored or pushed aside, but rather my symptoms were VALID, addressed and acknowledged. With poise, understanding and a positive nature, this doctor spoke to me with concern and immediately set a plan of action in place. Hearing and seeing him yesterday, gives me hope of seeing the good in others, realizing that there truly ARE people who want to help and who want to heal.

Seeing the Good

My discoveries of this continued throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening; scrolling through my social media feed, seeing large companies such as Chobani and Amy’s Kitchen, deploying large cases of foods (yogurt and soup) to fuel those fighting the Hurricane and helping to assist others. Another company, Anheuser Busch was detailed on the news loading cans of water to send to those in the Hurricane’s path. Companies, large corporations, prominent individuals, all doing whatever they can and could to help others, in advance. During these significant times of need, it gives me much hope for humanity and life, in general. Life can often feel so unkind, but when I see images such as this one posted by Chobani founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya and his quote, “first @chobani shipments to fuel heroes preparing for #HurricaneFlorence at @RedCross HQ. thinking of our family, friends, partners and responders in region.. Stay safe !! We’ll be with you,” it is as inspiring as it is invigorating.

Chobani cases

Today and everyday, if you can do something to help others, no matter how small you think or feel it may be, please do so; the world needs more kindness and as always, a helping hand. We never know just how much a kind word, gesture or thought might mean or help someone.


Stand Together and Remember

It was 17 years ago on this very day, when I was a 13-year-old 8th grader. As I recall, on that day, the skies were a pristine shade of blue, not a cloud in the sky with the sun abundantly shining. The weather was temperate and calm, but the events that unraveled as the morning progressed was not.

Though I recall a teacher running into my science class that morning informing us of what occurred, I didn’t comprehend or know the actual magnitude until I entered my mom’s car that afternoon when school ended. As we drove through the shortcut we’d take through a local park, she detailed the horrifying events and it was uncertain what was actually going on. It was perplexing to me and I hadn’t a clue how to respond or act.

Later on that afternoon and evening, as I watched treasured and seasoned news anchors, Diane Sawyer, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather, I stared in shock as tears and fear streamed down and lined their faces. It was the first time I can ever recall seeing a television news anchors lose their composure. For the first time, I saw them as a real, genuine person and not solely a vessel delivering the news with a sometimes stoic facial expression.

Continuing to watch the endless streams of video coverage that day, I was saturated with fear and upset and it was only when I heard this very quote from TV personality, Fred Rogers, I started to feel a bit of comfort and reassurance.

Look for the Helpers

Today and for all the years to come, I remember all of those lost today, all of those who battled through these horrific events, the families and friends affected, and ultimately, all of us who were impacted and changed on that fateful day.

“Never look down upon others unless you’re helping them back up.”