Paris, Je’taime! – Exploring Catherine Malandrino’s New Clothing Line!

Good Morning, all! I hope your Thursday is off to a pleasant start. Unfortunately, I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, therefore this post was inspired by my desire to feel better and sport some fashionable, new clothing! Tomorrow is apt to be an exciting day, in that one of my all-time favorite department stores, Kohl’s will be introducing a brand new women’s fashion clothing line by coveted French designer, Catherine Malandrino for DesigNation. In fact, if you were recently watching Good Morning America several moments ago, Ms. Malandrino actually appeared with her new fashions and was interviewed by Lara Spencer! It is a very exciting line, in my opinion, packed with Parisian inspired-looks, at the height of femininity and sophistication. The styles are romantic and can be dressed either down or up and can be mixed and matched. This line is bound to be a hit both in-stores and over at!

Image   Fashion Designer, Catherine Malandrino

*Plus, here’s a little heads up or insiders tip: Kohl’ is currently running a sweepstakes inspired by Malandrino’s new clothing line, which you can enter EACH DAY! Not only are you entered to win the grand-prize (a trip to PARIS!), but also, there are INSTANT WINNERS (a $100 Kohl’s gift card) each day! In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it to enter, especially this time of the year, with the holidays fast approaching, a $100 Kohl’s gift card is bound to help out nearly anyone, albeit a gift for yourself, a family member, friend, or neighbor in need!

The styles in this particular line are versatile, ranging from comfy sweaters, sophisticated blouses, sleek skirts, dress trouser shorts, fitted pants, dresses (including the one Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts sported on-air this very morning!).

QUICK TIP: If you check out Kohl’ to investigate the new line, please be mindful that the line is currently only available online, but will be available for purchase in-store tomorrow – September 27th. In my opinion, it’s always good to scope out the offerings online prior to heading in-store. As always, be sure to bring along a Kohl’s coupon with you. They are typically readily available via Kohl’, (click under the retail category!). This usually makes for an excellent deal, plus if they are offering Kohl’s cash (more or less free money – $10 received for every $50 you spend in-store or online). If you have Kohl’s cash, feel free to use it on anything and everything!

Curious about the line? Here are some of my favorite pieces (via Kohl’ – Catherine Malandrino line):

Image     Image   Image  Image

Okay, so I’ve been holding out last for this one, because it is so unique and eye-catching:


Wow! See, that Eiffel Tower? So unexpected and unique, in my mind! Overall, I find this line beautifully crafted and a guaranteed sell! We’ll see how it goes. Happy Shopping!

Check out the line here:

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Leaves, Apples and Pumpkins: An Autumn Welcome!

Happy Autumn, to you! As of 4:44pm, this past Sunday, to be precise (thank you, my 6ABC Philadelphia meteorologists for your vital information!), we officially welcomed Fall (or Autumn, as I prefer). For years, I tried to conceal my fondness of Autumn. Why, you might ask? Well, as a child, growing up, it was nearly customary for a fellow peer’s response to be “Summer,” or “Spring,” when asked what their favorite season was. Fondly, with a twinkle in their eye, they would speak of Summer, in particular, with its warmer temperatures and frequent beaches, creating the ultimate appeal. However, for me, the beach and the Summer in general, was never all that appealing. Sure, the warmer temperatures and vacation I liked, but it was the changing leaves and Fall foliage, coupled with the crisp, fresh apples lining the orchard trees, the cooler temperatures (still slightly warm, but with a refreshing, cleansing breeze), and the beautiful, assorted squashes, creating a carnival of color, that left me astonished and filled with joy, when September would approach.


There is something tranquil and new about Autumn. No matter if I am starting a new school year or not, for some reason, Autumn conjures feelings of new beginnings and possibility. This time of year, I feel more creative and motivated, longing to paint pumpkins, pick crisp and crunchy apples, and drink bottomless mugs of spiced, warm apple cider! Oh, how I long to walk through Fall Harvest Festivals, where people line the streets selling their handcrafted jewelry and crafts, homemade cider donuts, and harvesting the largest of pumpkins.


Though it’s furthest from possibility at this point in my life, I envision that if I were to ever marry, it would be this season, within the midst of the Fall harvest and foliage, outside at a vineyard. The colors are warm and inviting, nearly reminding me of a warm blanket wrapped around me. Even if my life is relatively the same, the Fall season evokes a sense of potential and a desire to do better and to create. Whether it is simply a purchase of a Fall mum to be placed outside on the front doorstep, or a wreath filled with hues of red, orange and gold to hang on the front door, my mind is churning, hoping to create something of the season, symbolic of a desire to do more, not only for myself, but for others, to help in some way and to make a contribution.

Image       Image

So, I encourage you, whomever happens to be reading my rambling musings at this very moment, to create, live and enjoy this season, soaking in the warm hues of color, pumpkins and apples, all at their peak.

Image      Image


Hi, all! It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since I last posted, but I figured the inspiration to write would come at some point and to my delight, today it did. In fact, I’ve been thinking about this particular issue for quite awhile now, but held off on addressing it. Today, however, I think that day has come. It’s an issue that has been bothering me and nags at me often, leaving me to wonder, if I am alone in this, or if others might feel similar and if so, I’m curious as to how or what they do to not let “it” eat away at them. I know, by this point, I’m sure you’re wondering what this elusive “issue” actually is and without wanting to be cryptic, I’ll simply say it: unanswered emails.

It might seem simple enough, sending an email to someone only to never receive a reply, however, in my opinion, it’s gotten extreme. Too often, I’ve spent a significant amount of time crafting an appropriate, thoughtful and respectful email to someone, believing as though they will reply, or at least acknowledge my email. The response wouldn’t have to be a lengthy one, or even in complete sentences, sometimes just an “Okay, sure,” would be satisfactory. However, innumerable emails I have sent go unanswered and not only emails, but Facebook messages. Sometimes, it’s difficult to not take it personally and while I know people are busy and engaged in other issues and pressing concerns each day, but still, a simple acknowledgment is often all I ask for. In the case of follow-up after interviewing a job, my emails I feel, often venture into the abyss, floating somewhere within the intended recipient’s email inbox. As far as jobs are concerned, a follow-up email, call or message simply thanking the interviewee for their time, whether they are offered the job or not, would be highly appreciated, at least in my case. To let someone know either way, if they are being offered the job, is a sign of common courtesy, not to mention, respect. For many interviews I have been on, I have traveled a significant distance, spent countless amounts of hours in traffic and truly tried my hardest during the interview itself, only to receive no response. Sometimes, I feel selfish for thinking I am deserving of follow-up emails or responses to messages I write to acquaintances via Facebook, or other social media, but then I think, what would I tell a friend or family member who voiced similar complaints or frustrations?

Quite frankly, I would tell them: “You are deserving of respect. You are deserving of someone’s time, presence and acknowledgment. It is perfectly acceptable to assert yourself and to want more.” Much of my life, I’ve spent denying who I am, remaining silent when I should have voiced my thoughts and sentiments, letting others take the lead as I watched from the sidelines. Too often, I’ve looked back at the emails and messages I’ve sent and wondered what I said or did wrong, wondering if there was something defective or diseased about me. I’ve wondered if I should change and further alter my persona, my outer looks, in order to elicit a response, if this is what is keeping me from getting one. However, the more I think about it, I try to convince myself if they don’t respond, then maybe it is a message to me that they aren’t meant to be in my life, and as hard as it is to accept in some cases, it is better to spend my time with those who DO respond and acknowledge me, than to waste my time pining over people from the past, or those who clearly are not interested in what I have to say.


So, there you have it. Just some thoughts for you on a Wednesday evening. Have a good night, friends!