About Me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m Melissa, a 25-year-old living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, alongside my family and my 11-year-old Bichon Frise, Oliver! On any given day, I can be found reading (mainly anything I can get my hands on, from books, magazines and newspapers!), listening to music, shopping, writing, couponing, playing with Oliver, spending time with family, and when I get the opportunity, traveling to new locales.

Here on the blog, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite deals and coupons and my perspectives on topics close to my heart.

Looking forward to chatting and sharing!

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To provide some insight into my life, here are some photos of family:


Myself and my older sister, Hope at her wedding.


My mom, sister and I, again at Hope’s wedding.

Oliver sofa

My dog, Oliver, laying on top of the sofa – his favorite spot!


5 thoughts on “About Me

      • Hey, that sounds interesting! I live in Canada…wonder how you got into tutoring/child care? Do you have a degree or just advertise yourself? Thks!

      • Thanks. I have a degree in psychology and have worked and tutored children in the past through nonprofit organizations, but my mom is also a teacher/nanny, so she is able to get me some referrals through the families she works with. What do you do for a living?

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