Coffee… “Community” style!

Good Morning, to you and Happy Weekend! I hope the rest of your week was a pleasant one and that your weekend will be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable one! If you’re a big coffee-drinker like me, or even a tea drinker, then I have just the right find to share with you today! Perhaps you may have heard of them and are already a big fan like me, or maybe you’ve heard of them, but aren’t familiar with their products, OR, you may not have heard of them at all, but in any case, the company Community Coffee is one that I am proud to share with you today and hope you’ll consider them the next time you’re in the market for a soothing cup of java!

Coffee Cup

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite beverages and conversational topics is coffee! I’ve tried dozens and dozens of varieties, everything from nationally-known brands, to lesser known brands and even store brands, in many flavors, both ground and whole bean, and k-cups, as well. Though, in recent months, I learned of a brand that unbeknownst to me at the time has been around for years and is not only brewing/harvesting incredibly tasteful and exquisite coffee, but also supporting the local and national communities, including our military.

The company I am referring to is Community Coffee, truly living up to their name and serving as the epitome of what it means to be community-oriented.

Community Coffee Logo

Recently, they generously provided me with the unique opportunity to choose three varieties of coffee (either ground or k-cup versions) of my choice. After perusing through their website, I chose the three varieties that most stood out to me (ever being the fan of flavored coffees!) – Pecan Praline, Vanilla Creme Brulee, as well as Hazelnut. All three sounded incredible and as though they would provide me with much incentive to stumble out of bed each early morning in anticipation of their fresh, wholesome, full-bodied brews.

The Coffee Samplings:

Within several days, the coffees arrived at my doorstep, packaged neatly, awaiting my sampling. Here is a quick snapshot of the coffee packages:

Commuity Coffee

Having been particularly curious and intrigued about the Pecan Praline flavor, given it’s uniqueness, I opted to try it first, the very next morning! I awoke early that day, and quickly prepared my coffee-maker, patiently awaiting the completion of the brewing process. Within several minutes, a steaming mug of Pecan Praline coffee graced my hands and I was instantly greeted by the nutty, caramel-infused taste of coffee. It was both full-bodied and rich with a strong, pleasant flavor and aroma. The smell in itself was comforting to the point where I was almost convinced that glazed Pecan cinnamon buns were baking in my oven! Such incredible flavor and aroma, Pecan Praline coffee definitely did not disappoint! If you’re looking for a flavorful, yet still strong coffee flavor, this is definitely an excellent option to consider.

Community Coffee Pecan Praline

Next up on the coffee sampling agenda, was none other than Vanilla Creme Brulee! The next morning, I again woke early in anticipation of trying this second coffee flavor, intrigued and curious about it’s flavors. Much of the time, I am a fan of vanilla-flavored coffees, but in the past have had some not so pleasant experiences, so while I was eager to sample this flavor, at the same time, I was a bit apprehensive. After completing the brewing process, the fragrant aroma of subtle vanilla and caramel notes immediately filled the air. The aroma reminded me of a favorite, comforting bowl of oatmeal infused with vanilla and syrup. Immediately, I rushed to pour myself a mug of the brew, enveloped in its pleasant aroma. The first sip solidified my already blossoming love of Community Coffee, as a company. The taste of the Vanilla Creme Brulee coffee was reminiscent of drizzled syrup and sweet vanilla. Again, like Pecan Praline flavor, the coffee was rich and full-bodied, with impeccable coffee-flavor and delicate sweetness.

Community Coffee Vanilla Creme Brulee

As the next morning beckoned, I counted the minutes until it was time to prepare the last sample of Community Coffee, none other than Hazelnut! In selecting coffees to purchase, I most frequently gravitate towards Hazelnut, as the flavor is a nutty, caramel-like flavor, both of which I’ve taken a fondness to. It was easy to select this flavor when given the option, curious as to how Community Coffee’s version might compare to other Hazelnut coffees I’ve experienced in the past. As I did with the two other flavors, I quickly completed the necessary brewing steps and patiently awaited it’s completion. Within minutes, the familiar, nutty aroma of Hazelnut filled the air, blanketing me in comfort as I took a sip. The flavor seemed to shine through, complemented by the again, full-bodied coffee taste and texture. What I loved most about all the brews of Community Coffee is how truly potent the coffee is, never watery or faint, but always able to shine through, no matter the flavor. The Hazelnut version tasted like a combination of nuts, caramel and hints of chocolate and even cinnamon; all leaving me wanting more and eager to try the abundant other flavors offered by Community Coffee.

Community Coffee Hazelnut

Many, many thanks to the Devin and the wonderfully kind and generous team at Community Coffee, who graciously provided me with these coffee samples, affording me the opportunity to share my personal opinions and reviews with fellow Community Coffee fans or perhaps soon-to-be Community Coffee fans!

Community Coffee as a Company:

Backtracking a bit, I thought it was important to share that in light of May being Military Awareness month, it is important to note of Community Coffee’s Millitary Match Program (learn more specific information about it at their website – In a nutshell, Community Coffee Company supports U.S. military personnel by doubling orders to ensure servicemen and servicewomen get a cup of home. When you buy a Military Match set of four 12oz, 16oz, or Single Serve 18ct coffees, Community will match your order with an additional four, and send all eight items – plus a signature military mug – to the APO/FPO or military base address you provide.

Started by Henry Norman “Cap” Saurage back in 1919, according to the official Community Coffee website ( “The success of Community Coffee Company can be attributed to prioritizing the two things most important to Cap—making the highest-quality coffee and a strong sense of community. Cap called his coffee “Community” because of the overwhelming support he received from the community that he loved. Today, the company gives back through its Community Cash for Schools® program, which has helped schools earn funds for over 25 years, and its Military Match Program, which doubles orders of coffee shipped to troops in support of U.S. military service. “We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations,” says fourth generation owner of Community Coffee Company Matt Saurage. “Everything we do has to be as good as our coffee.”

Community Coffee Military              Community Coffee Military 2

Product Lines:

As a diverse company, Community Coffee offers a vast array of products with new versions and varieties always emerging and includes, but not limited to:

  • Premium Ground Coffees (i.e. Vanilla Creme Brulee, Pecan Praline, etc)
  • Private Reserve Ground Coffees (i.e. Ground Louisiana Blend, Ground Evangeline Blend, etc)
  • Featured Coffee of the Month
  • Premium Whole Bean Coffees (i.e. Whole Bean French Roast, Dark Roast, etc)
  • Private Reserve Whole Bean Coffees (i.e. Whole Bean Brazil Santos Bourbon, etc)
  • Military Match Coffees (i.e. Cafe Special, Dark Roast, etc)
  • Pre-Measured 3oz Packs Coffees (i.e. French Vanilla, Hazelnut, etc)
  • Instant Coffees (i.e. Coffee and Chicory, Dark Roast, etc)
  • Single-Serve Versions (i.e. K-cup Pods, cups, Military Match varieties)
  • Tea (i.e. Leaf, Pod, Instant, Pre-Measured Packs)

Community Kcup

Connect with Community Coffee:

Since first discovering Community Coffee fairly recently, I’ve interacted with them on numerous occasions via social media (primarily through Twitter and Facebook). Much to my delight, they have always responded in a friendly, welcoming fashion, keeping in close contact with their fans and customers, quickly responding to the messages they receive. To me, this says something about a company and most importantly, is proof that Community Coffee is living up to its name, truly evoking a sense of community through building, fostering and maintaining relationships, working to provide customers with the highest quality products.

Keep in touch with Community Coffee through their various mediums:

In the words of Community Coffee (via, “The story of Community Coffee is a story of relationships; It’s the story of the relationships we have with each other, with our farmers, with our partners, with the local communities we serve, and most importantly, with you. Those relationships, built upon the values we’ve held dear for 95 years, are what connect us today.”

*Thanks again to the team at Community Coffee for providing me the opportunity to review and sample your great coffees, it was a pleasure and an incredible opportunity!