Wearable Words: The LWP Collection

Good afternoon, to you! We’re approaching the end of the week and in conjunction, the third and final blog post in The Little Word Project series I’ve been detailing this week! As promised, this blog post will fully detail the vast collections and products LWP offers. Though I’ve exclusively discussed their bracelets, which is the heart of their company, they also offer several other pieces, which are important to note and share. Also, as I stated in my last post, I’ll be sharing with you today the second LWP bracelet I own and how I came to receive it! Therefore, without further adieu, let’s take a deep “breath” (you’ll see what I mean in the next paragraph) and dive into that very bracelet!

My Second LWP Bracelet – “Breathe”

Given my intrigue and interest in The Little Words Project as a company after first receiving the Confidence bracelet in the prize package I won, I was overjoyed to receive a bracelet from the Beaded White collection with the word – Breathe.

LWP Believe          LWP Bag

The band, as you can see, is encased in Swarovski crystals with pink undertones. To me, the word Breathe was fitting, as I recall years ago while in college taking vocal lessons, my voice teacher informed me of my inconsistent breathing. While observing me sing, he often noted my lack of taking in deep breaths and came to understand that when under stress or when anxious, I tend to breathe inconsistently and can often walk around feeling even greater stress, as a result. Breathing deeply and often, without needing much explanation is crucial to all aspects of our lives, especially when under stress. People often remind each other in these times to remember to breathe. We can often become upset to the point, where our breathing is labored, clouding our ability to effectively communicate. Since receiving this bracelet, I often find myself glancing down at it during my times of stress as a constant, friendly and welcome reminder to do just that – breathe. At times, when stressed or anxious, I can forget to do something so seemingly simple – breathe. During those times when I can feel incapable of doing much else, there is always one thing I can do and that is to take in a deep breath and begin again. Now that I have this bracelet as a constant reminder, it’s a comfort to me. Many, many thanks to the wonderful team at The Little Words Project for their generosity in gifting me this bracelet.

The Little Words Project Collections: As previously noted, the LWP offerings are vast and include the following:

  • Beaded White or Gold

LWP beaded gold     LWP Beaded white

  • And Symbol

LWP and 2

  • Love Symbol

LWP love

  • Leather White or Gold

LWP Leather

  • Woven

LWP woven

  • The Sorority Collection

LWP sorority

  • Bridal Collection

LWP bridal

  • Little Extras (i.e. t-shirts, gift cards, gift wrapping, inspirational booklets, a mystery bracelet, & chokers)

LWP ChokerLWP tshirtLWP booklets

  • Bracelets That Give Back (25% of proceeds donated to designated charities/nonprofit organizations)

LWP Purple Elephant

  • Last Chance (in limited quantities)

LWP last chanc

Note: Choose the color of your bracelet beads, leather/woven/bead material, then choose your word(s).

Words to Chose From: Here are some of the many words you can choose from for your bracelet:

  • Dream
  • Believe
  • Breathe
  • Hope
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Brave
  • Inspire
  • Fearless
  • Sparkle
  • Smile
  • Good Vibes
  • Blessed
  • Faith
  • My Person
  • Fierce
  • My Family
  • Be Happy
  • Laugh
  • Sister
  • Wanderlust
  • Free Spirit
  • Live
  • Namaste
  • Be Kind
  • Pray
  • Dance
  • Let Go
  • Love
  • Friend

My Favorites: Now that you’re familiar with the overall collections and offerings of LWP, I thought I’d conclude the three-part series by revealing some of my favorites from the product line-up:

We Rise By Lifting Others

Bracelets That Give Back: As I discussed at length in my second post, the Bracelets That Give Back collection deeply resonates with me for more reasons than one. An avid volunteer, firm believer in giving back to others and with a personal connection to one or more of the organizations benefiting from this initiative, this collection affords customers with not only a beautiful bracelet, but also serves as a donation to a worthy cause.

Spread Kindness Quote

Love Symbol Collection: This collection also stands out to me for a variety of reasons. True, genuine, romantic love is something I aspire to. I’ve noted several times on my blog, I have yet to experience it for myself, and for me, love whether romantic, platonic or through family, is a source of contentment and fulfillment. To know, feel, receive and experience love is the greatest gift.

Love Quote

The Words: Many, if not close to all of the words to choose from speaks volumes to me. As someone who has struggled with self-esteem, body-image and self-image issues my entire life, being able to see and wear words such as believe, brave, strength, breathe and courage on my arm, provides me with awareness and comfort. It also serves as a constant, visual reminder of my self-worth and bravery and that I am truly deserving of happiness and achieving my dreams.

Also, I think it is important to note my sister’s name is Hope; which is coincidentally, one of the words as an option for a LWP bracelet. Since birth, Hope has been not only a sister, but my best friend. She and I always say, “Sisters by chance, best friends by choice.”

Hope and I at her wedding:


Well, there you have it! To whomever may be reading, thanks so much for following along with me on this journey as I detailed The Little Words Project! My sincere gratitude goes out to The Little Words Project for their generosity and kindness.

Kind Quote




“Share It”: Buy a Bracelet, Share the Love

Good Afternoon and welcome back to the second post in the “A Wristful of Words,” series partnering with Little Words Project (LWP). To whomever might be reading, thanks so much for following along on this journey as I profile LWP, a unique, philanthropic jewelry company changing lives one bracelet (and word!) at a time.

LWP logo

In today’s post, I’ll be focusing on just that – philanthropy and specifically how it relates to Little Words Project. Upon first receiving my LWP Confidence bracelet in the mail as a gift from entering the IT Cosmetics contest, I immediately began researching LWP and became enthralled and intrigued with all I discovered. Since my freshman year in high school, I’ve identified myself as an avid volunteer, taking part in many walks, tutoring young students, serving meals and babysitting young children in shelters, as well as host of other activities. To me, serving others and advocating wherever and whenever I can is of the utmost importance to me. To know I may have made a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small, is the ultimate gift and symbol of care.

It Cosmetics

Therefore, one aspect of LWP as a company, which immediately stood out to me is their “Bracelets That Give Back,” where altruism is at the heart of this collection. As detailed on the LWP website (littlewordsproject.com), every other month, LWP highlights a new organization geared towards helping women in various capacities. The chosen organization creates their own exclusive Little Word (such as “Be Strong”, “Confidence“, “Wish“, etc) which is then sold on the LWP website and select retailers (check littlewordsproject.com for a retailer nearest you!). At the end of the partnership year, 25% of total profits are donated to the organizations! Each year, up to 6 organizations are featured, with every bracelet purchase making an impact, no matter the size.

LWP Instructions

Current Organizations (Bracelets That Give Back collection):

LWP Give back

Purple Elephant (“Be Strong”): A non-profit organization changing the way young people think about Alzheimer’s Disease by helping to provide in-home caregiving relief to families whose lives have been impacted while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

LWP Purple Elephant

Look Good Feel Better (“Confidence”): “a free program dedicated to helping cancer patients regain their sense of control, self-esteem and confidence.”

LWP Confidence 2

Power Play (“Girl Power”): “a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the lives of girls in NYC by helping them grow physically, emotionally, and academically stronger.”

LWP power play

She Should Run (“Trailblazer”): “a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the talent pool of future elected female leaders by inspiring women and girls to aspire towards public leadership.”

LWP She Should Run

She’s The First (“Unstoppable”): “a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to educating girls in low-income countries.”

LWP she's the first

Project Glimmer (“Wish”): a nonprofit organization that provides a little piece of hope in the form of a gift to at-risk girls and women.

Project Glimmer

My Personal Account:

In reading the several Little Words chosen by the organizations, you may have noticed I mentioned Confidence, as being one of them, which also happens to be my first LWP bracelet, sent to me by chance. Upon learning about my Confidence bracelet belonging to the Bracelets That Give Back collection, I took it as a sign, realizing that the organization it benefits is of personal meaning to me. The Confidence bracelet benefits Look Good Feel Better, “a free program dedicated to helping cancer patients regain their sense of control, self-esteem and confidence.” It was late October 1996, in the days leading to Halloween. Instead of fixating on the Halloween costume I would wear and candy I would receive and indulge in, my family huddled together as we struggled to take in the reality of my grandmother’s diagnosis. In those days, I remember first hearing the word, Leukemia, as an 8-year-old. To me, it sounded like something foreign, something unwelcome and something I definitely did not want my grandmother to have. Ever since the very early years of my life, I strove to resemble my maternal grandmother, a perfectly coiffed woman with her hair frosted, crimson lips and always in a dress and heels. No matter the situation, she was always dressed in a pristine fashion, ready to take on the day. Seeing her in a vulnerable state, laying in a hospital bed, with the chemotherapy dripping into her arm, the light and smile evaporated from her face. Then one day, my sister, Hope and I decided we would become her “impromptu makeup artists”, helping her embrace her new image, the one who was on the road to recovery. With her new, styled wig (frosted, just as she liked it!), painted nails, and light lipstick, she smiled as we gathered around her, delighting in her new look. Though my grandmother (whose birthday, coincidentally was yesterday, August 20!) passed away a few weeks following my 9th birthday, I’ll never forget the moments she, my sister and I shared, during those days by her bedside in the hospital. Therefore, knowing the very bracelet (Confidence) I received is apart of the Bracelets That Give Back collection and specifically, profiting the Look Good Feel Better organization is a gift in itself and deeply resonates with me.

The Next Blog Post: “Wear It

LWP Offerings

The final post in this three-part series (“Wear It“) will be an insider look at the numerous LWP bracelet collections, plus a few special extras! Check back to discover what my second LWP bracelet is, in addition to learning about all the vast LWP offerings!

Finding that Hidden GEM: The Best Stores for Jewelry!

Happy Rainy Monday! I hope your Monday morning was a pleasant one. Mine was off to a rather rocky start, as I awakened with a scratchy, raspy voice and a raw feeling in my throat. Nothing a little coffee and a tasty breakfast couldn’t cure! Well, it kind of helped, anyway, but that’s besides the point. So for my musing today, it’s one I am quite excited to share with you! Two of my favorite things to purchase, are shoes and jewelry! Today, I’ll be chatting with you about the latter – jewelry! I truly believe jewelry can dress up any outfit, taking it from basic, to high fashion and style! However, contrary to popular belief, you truly do not have to spend major dollars to score a beautiful piece, whether it is a necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings. By following my easy tips, you’ll be sporting gems like a Princess (or prince, for my male readers!) in no time! Before delving into my tips and tools, let’s chat about breakfast:

Breakfast (Monday, July 22, 2013):

1 container Giant-store brand Raspberry Greek Yogurt (FYI – the photo of this yogurt below is not actually me holding it, but one I found thanks to my good friend, Google Images! Anyhow, I’m not always the biggest ran of raspberry, but I decided to give this variety a try, since Giant generally has high-quality store brand products. To be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed by this yogurt. The raspberry flavor was OK, but I found the consistency of the overall yogurt itself to be way too thick and not easily incorporated with my cereal, as I generally prefer for it to be. I realize Greek yogurt, overall, is typically thick, but this was to the point of paste and I was left with cereal that was bare… leaving me saddened. Okay, yes, this is a little dramatic, but to sum it up, I was disappointed).

1 cup Giant-Brand Puffed Rice Cereal (Much of the puffed rice cereal this morning did not touch the yogurt, as the yogurt stuck to the top of my cereal bowl, which contained my friend, Special K Red Berries.)

1 cup Special K Red Berries (As I mentioned above, the red berries received much of the yogurt, which was okay, I suppose. Still a good cereal, though.)

1 Banana (I know, you’re probably thinking, okay, what is it now? However, I have a surprise for you – this banana was IDEAL! That’s right, no complaints this morning with my beloved banana. It was perfectly ripe and sweet, just the way I like it!)


Alright, now that breakfast is shared and discussed, back to our scheduled musing – jewelry! When I’m looking to shop for jewelry, whether I’m buying at the time I’m looking, or simply just browsing, there are several stores I frequent, because I feel I can always score the best deal, or at least, get the most for my money. Money can be hard to come by and even if money isn’t a problem, I think it’s always a good idea to save when you can! Plus, finding an extra dollar in your wallet on a rainy day can bring a little sunshine!


  • Craft Stores – Wait, a second. You might be thinking, did I read that right? Craft stores for jewelry? Or, you might be thinking, “Oh, right, like I have time to createmy own jewelry! Well, if you’re thinking either of those two thoughts, I have a secret I’m going to share with you! Craft stores, such as A.C. Moore and Michaels typically have large bins FILLED with bracelets, for a minimal cost. These stores – A.C. Moore (acmoore.com), & Michaels (michaels.com) and other craft stores, as well, are ideal spots to check for fashionable, attractive bracelets. One might not think to look there, but last year, while browsing the store for items my sister needed for her wedding, I just so happened to spot a large bin of sparkly bracelets, priced only at about $3.33, if I remember correctly. While walking past the bin, I made a quick mental note to check back once I had a coupon with me. Sure enough, I returned to AC Moore several days later and after a quick comb through the bin, happily exited with my purchase –a sparkly, purple beaded bracelet, matching my plum bridesmaid dress to a perfect-T (pictured below). After coupons, my purchase was just over $2! In fact, recently, I had a woman in shock, after she complimented me on this very bracelet, asking me if it was Swarovski. I had to chuckle upon her question, feeling proud as I declared it was not in fact Swarovski, but actually AC Moore, and only slightly over $2. She couldn’t believe it and had to ask for clarification and gladly, I explained to her the ease of purchasing a bracelet appearing similar to mine. It always brings me joy to be able to provide someone with information they otherwise might not have discovered! Plus, both AC Moore and Michaels generally will always have coupons available through their website, in-store ad – can also be found in the weekend edition of the newspaper, or via e-mail, through signing up for their e-mails on their website). * Be sure to keep in mind, both AC Moore and Michaels accept each others’ coupons! So if you happen to clip an AC Moore coupon and you’re heading into Michaels, or vice versa, no worries, you can STILL use them! Happy Shopping!


(example of store coupon)


Me, wearing the AC Moore bracelet (Left wrist)

  • JCPenney –  (www.jcpenney.com) One of the best stores for jewelry, in my opinion. They have an abundant selection of high quality merchandise. From chunky beads to long pendants and glittery bracelets, they have a wide variety, plus, I’m proud to report, they are now offering coupons again! For awhile, they discontinued their use of coupons, however, they recently reintegrated coupons in their stores again and frequently in the weekly store ads found in the newspaper or in-store, or via e-mail (sign up on their website to receive) they have 15%, etc, which typically can be used on jewelry and other merchandise. Some of my favorite brands they offer in jewelry are: Mixit, Nicole by Nicole Miller, as well as Monet. In the past, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments when sporting jewelry from JCPenney, as it gives off the appeal of a higher-end jewelry store item.


  • Kohl’s – (www. Kohls.com) Another one of my favorite stores for jewelry is Kohl’s (plus, it is literally 5 minutes or less away from my doorstep – which can be a good thing, but not always for my wallet’s sake!). Not only do they have a unique, vast selection, but coupons are ALWAYS available. Whether it is on the lower end of 15% or the highest amount they offer – 30%, coupons can be found via their website (Kohls.com), in your physical mailbox, e-mail inbox, or in-store. Plus, on occasion, if you spend $50 or more in-store before coupons, you will be awarded with $10 Kohl’s cash per $50 you spend, which is equivalent of free money to spend! Yes, that’s right, free $10 to Kohl’s in your hand! Anyhow, the jewelry brands offered at Kohl’s have gotten considerably better and of higher quality through the years. Brands of jewelry vary from Candies, Vera by Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, Apt. 9, Chaps, Croft & Barrow, Sonoma, LC Lauren Conrad, Daisy Fuentes, 1928, Jennifer Lopez, and the list continues! Some of my favorite jewelry pieces I currently own are from Kohl’s (i.e. a chunky, beaded cuff bracelet, large pendant necklaces, beaded necklaces, etc). Be sure to check their sale/clearance rack in the jewelry department, because you never know what you might find! The best/most appealing pieces can often be found lurking on the sale rack, missed by those who might overlook the discounted rack, believing it to be “junk,” or of poor quality. It simply isn’t true – when scouring stores for jewelry, in my opinion, it’s best to consider EVERYTHING! For instance, I was able to locate a cuff bracelet for my sister’s rehearsal dinner last year on the CLEARANCE RACK at Kohl’s, for a mere $2, after coupons. It’s a bracelet I frequently wear today which matches with many of my outfits. It’s easy to wear and was a great find!


Two of my bracelets from Kohl’s!

  • Sears – (www.sears.com) I’m proud to report Sears’ boats a jewelry department closely similar to JCPenney, with chunky necklaces, beaded bracelets, and earrings, upon others. Plus, they offer coupons on a routine basis which can be found via their website, in-store ads (also found in weekend newspapers), or are sent through regular postal mail or email. They also have a generous Rewards (Shop Your Way Rewards) program, where if you sign up in-store or via website, you are given reward points for each item you purchase, which can accumulate quickly and upon reaching certain levels, will deduct instant money off of your purchase, which can be a very pleasant surprise!


  • Avon & Meet Mark – (www.avon.com; http://www.meetmark.com) Upon hearing both of these companies, you might be wondering, why would I consult Avon or Meet Mark to purchase jewelry? However, allow me to inform you, their jewelry is top-notch and not too badly priced! In fact, one necklace I own, in particular, is a beaded pendant (pictured below) which I frequently wear and have received numerous compliments on, is from Avon or Meet Mark, purchased when I was 16-years-old! My friend at the time was selling Avon and asked me one day if I’d like to browse the catalog, I obliged of course, and the necklace I speak of, caught my eye. Without having to put much thought into it, I quickly placed my order and have been thrilled with it, ever since. As I mentioned, I was 16-years-old when I bought it and I am now 25. Keep in mind, this is not a high-end jewelry item, but it has held up through over nine years and is STILL going strong! Take a look below for an actual photo! If you’re unfamiliar with Meet Mark, it is a more “youthful” division of Avon, created several years ago to appeal to a younger crowd, though in my opinion, both Avon and Meet Mark can work for a vast variety of age groups – teens through adults. Check it out and see what you think! I think you’re going to like it!


TIP: Check out http://www.printable-coupons.blogspot.com for a HUGE selection of printable store coupons for a wide variety of stores (updated on a regular basis!)

QUESTION: Where do you shop for jewelry? What are some of your favorite pieces you own (or wish you owned?)

Happy Shopping, my friends!