A Quotable Perspective

Good Morning! For those of you who may have been intermittently reading, you might be well aware of my fondness for quotes. In the past, I’ve posted several quotes to offer perspective, introspect, and perhaps support for those of you who might be in need for inspiration or encouragement. For me, quotes have a way of uplifting my mood and letting me know there are others who share in my sentiments and can relate. Quotes have a way of taking an emotion we might feel inside and putting words to them. With that being said, this morning I thought, what better day than today to share some of my favorite quotes I’ve recently stumbled upon? So, without further adieu, here are some of my latest favorites:

“The thing about being brave: It doesn’t come with the absence of fear and hurt. Bravery is the ability to look fear and hurt in the face and say move aside, you are in the way.”

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

“The 3 C’s in Life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.”

“You only fail when you stop trying.”

“The best way to get things done is to simply begin.”

“We never lose, we either win or learn.”

So there you have it, just some thoughts to provide perspective and inspiration and hopefully offer reassurance, if it is needed.


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