Autumn Visions

This past weekend was too beautiful a weekend to not mention. Before heading to sleep on Saturday night, I spent several minutes handwriting my thoughts, feeling the urge to profess my intrigue with how picturesque the weather was. It wasn’t only the weather though, it was something about the overall feeling early Autumn tends to bring, or fill me with. It is a feeling of possibility, opportunity and reflection. Seeing the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, scattered about, all in vivid, deep and rich colors. It is a sight beyond words and one I look forward to each year. That being said, here is a page from my handwritten journal and some additional thoughts from today, to follow:

“Today, was a beautiful day, weather wise. It was simply too beautiful for me to not document it. Everything from the abundant sunshine to the bright, crystal blue skies, to the calming breeze; it was picturesque. Days with weather like today, makes me envision all the possibilities and splendors life could bring. It makes me truly feel anything and everything could be possible. It’s so hard to believe on days like today, that inclement weather ever exists.”

Yesterday, was a repeat weather day from the day prior and again, I looked outside, all around me, taking it in with such awe. It’s so easy sometimes, for me to wallow in my disappointments and upsets, or feel me to feel doubtful and negative, but then I remind myself of a quote I was recently presented with a couple weeks ago: “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” Sometimes, in life we hold onto the things or people we think we need, or contribute something positive or significant to our lives, when really, it is a facade, and the only thing we really need is to trust ourselves and know that we are strong enough to stand on our own.

When I start to think about my future and the goals and dreams I have for myself, my mind drifts back to this quote I read awhile ago. For some reason, the other night, as I sat innocently watching TV, the quote popped into my mind and hasn’t left since. It was one of the most interesting thoughts I’ve ever been presented with and actually provides me with a source of comfort when I start to feel as though I’m not where I wanted to be. Perhaps those of you reading this might have seen it already, but for those of you who haven’t, or might need a reminder, here it is:

John Lennon Quote

If the font is too small to read, it says, “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down, “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.” When I read this quote, I get chills. I actually didn’t realize at first it was John Lennon who said it. Being asked what or who we want to be when we grow up is a common question children are asked each and every day. From the time we are able to speak, it is a question we receive, being asked to define ourselves by a career. It’s funny though how prior to reading this quote, I never thought about how I could have responded with the way I wanted to feel, as an adult. Instead of speaking of the profession we seek to be as adults, why can’t children respond with the feeling we want to have? Isn’t happiness more important than being defined by profession?

Yes, it is true, that some people truly are lucky enough to work in a profession where they feel as though it isn’t a job at all and that it is simply an extension of their personality and life, but for others, their job, is simply that; a means to an end. The fact that John Lennon responded to his teachers’ inquiry about what he wanted to be when he grew up in terms of his sentiment and personal feeling, is one that is eye-opening. How many other children would respond that way? I think it is more than imperative to be happy and content in one’s life, no matter if someone is earning minimum wage, or six-figures. Some people CAN be happy earning minimum wage, others maybe not, but it isn’t it a goal in life to wake up each morning and feel excited to take on the day? To feel like there is something to look forward to, as though life is an adventure to be enjoyed; isn’t that what life is about? We spend so much of our lives training to become something, when sometimes, I think to myself, what does it take to be happy? Happiness is defined as something different for each person; one makes one person happy may not be enough for someone else and that’s okay.

I suppose to make a long-winded explanation plain and simple, John Lennon as a 5-year-old had the right idea; having a goal to be happy as a grown-up isn’t quite so bad a goal after all.


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