Bouncing Back: A Tale of Resilience

Happy National Iced Tea Day and good morning! I hope your week has been a pleasant one, thus far. Today’s post was slated to be vastly different than this actual one, but somehow, I managed to completely delete the post which was literally minutes from completion. Needless to say, I was devastated, overwhelmed and felt like giving up. I was instantly returned many years prior to a day when I was pressed for time and crafting an essay for school. The entire essay was nearly completed and thoroughly researched, when suddenly, it was gone. When I say it was gone, I truly mean it. I tried everything to retrieve it, asked for help, but nothing I did could bring it back.

Courage quote

My first instinct after it happened, was to run my room and hurl myself onto my bed, sobbing for what it felt like hours. I remember back then, my mom walked into my room and told me I had two choices: I could choose to continue sobbing and feeling sorry for myself, or I could get back onto the computer, start crafting a new, even BETTER essay and save my words as I go along. Everything happens for a reason and maybe the first draft of my essay wasn’t all that great, similar to with the blog post I was nearly finished writing. Sure, it introduced some new products I was excited about, but more so than that, it taught me a lesson; a lesson that I need to get back up and write something else. What have I learned today? I’ve learned to save my drafts as I go along and maybe even write my blog posts in Microsoft Word and then transfer it to my blog and add photos and other little touches. So, I’ll think of this occurrence as a teachable moment, in a sense, one I can learn from and share with others. Like years ago, I could choose to feel sorry for myself, moan and whine about the deleted post, or take a deep breath and write something else. Maybe other people can relate to this or maybe not, but I figured I should share it.

Resilience Quote

Yesterday, while watching Kathie Lee & Hoda on NBC in the morning, they mentioned that people who voice their thoughts (even the whiny, negative, complaints) are often happier in life and feel more connected to others. I’d never really thought of it in this way, as I often will publicize my complaints, whines, worries and happiness with my mom and sister, but not many others, anymore. So this is me, today, being brave and bold, sharing my complaint and upset, about my deleted post and also sharing a bit of lighthearted happiness on a day that has me feeling a bit under the weather: free Iced Tea! It’s an easy way to cheer me up when I’ve been battling a cold and a quick pick-me-up from this unfortunate snafu with my deleted post.

So, if you’re craving some free refreshment today, like me, here are some quick tips for you:

National Iced Tea Day Freebies:

Iced Tea

  • *FREE* bottle of Snapple Iced Tea: visit as quickly as you can to print a coupon! Prints are typically limited and the value is $1.25, so it should make for a free bottle! Keep in mind, the coupon is valid ONLY TODAY (June 10)! Yum! Happy Sipping!
  • *FREE* 16oz cup of Teavana’s new Pineapple Berry Blue Iced Tea at participating Teavana stores, nationwide! To find out where your nearest Teavana Retail location is, visit (
  • *FREE* coupon for a bottle of Inko’s Iced Tea: simply visit and enter your full mailing address and voila, your coupon will be on its way!

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