Chains of Love

Good morning! I hope your first week of May has been off to a good start, thus far. The one aspect I’ve been thrilled about is the outside temperature. It is incredibly refreshing and invigorating to be able to walk outside again, sans a winter coat and gloves and be able to simply delight in the warm air and fresh breeze. In a way, as odd as it may sound, it makes me feel like there is a warm blanket, right out of the dryer wrapped around me!

Since it’s been on my mind, on my birthday evening, my mom and I went to my sister and brother in-law’s house for cake and gifts and for a chance for us all to be together. The gifts they gave me were not only beautiful, but incredibly thoughtful and filled with the most heart and care I’ve ever received. They were not only gifts that look nice, but serve a function and purpose. About two weeks ago, along with my 3.5 year old iPhone 4 becoming obsolete, that very day, the wallet I’ve been “borrowing,” from my sister for about 3.5 years as well, ended up becoming nearly unusable, after snaps somehow managed to break apart. Needless to say, I was upset and steps away from running to a store to purchase a new one out of fear my credit cards, driver’s license, etc, would fall out, as a result. My mom, however, advised me to “wait,” and so I did. What I was provided with on my birthday, was a beautiful black wallet, able to hold not only all of my cards, license, etc, but also my checkbook, which makes toting it around much easier. Along with the wallet was a beautiful handbag, also serving a purpose as my current one has not been holding up all that well due to significant use and general wear and tear. An array of shirts from Express also made its way into the gift bag, uniquely designed with bright and friendly colors; all of which I cannot wait to proudly wear!

My most favorite gift, however, by far is the gift given to me by my 8-month old niece. Yesterday, it officially arrived in the mail and today, as I look at it, I cannot help but smile and feel an outpouring of love and comfort. I took a photo of it, so I could publicly share it, because the quote on it and imprinting truly speaks for itself:


If you look closely, you can see the quote, “Only an Aunt can give hugs like a Mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a Friend.” On the other portion of the keychain is my title: Aunt Melissa. There is another charm on the keychain that says Aunt and also some beads and pearls. When my sister placed it in my hand yesterday, I could instantly feel tears beginning to well up in my eyes and as she connected it to my keys, I felt such a sense of contentment. Though, it didn’t really fully hit me until I drove home later that afternoon. Living close to each other, the drive home is merely minutes, but when I pulled into the parking lot of my development and parked my car, I gathered up my keys and began to walk to the mailbox and as I looked down at the keychain in my hands, it was surreal to me. Reading the keychain again and seeing “Aunt Melissa,” emblazoned on there, was finally the “reminder” I was looking for. Merely hours before being gifted with the keychain, I had been discussing with my mom how I thought I should buy a piece of jewelry or something I could wear and see each day that would be an inspirational reminder to me of my significance or contribution to the world, or at least a reminder of some kind that encourages me when I feel down, self-conscious and unworthy. Little did I know, within hours, there would be a keychain serving as that constant reminder, now, each day. Looking at the quote and my title on the keychain is a sign to me of how I am something to someone. I am an Aunt, I am someone who can share in moments with my niece, with my family, with a friend, with a future significant other. No matter how down about myself I might feel at times, I can instantly look at the keychain and feel love and companionship. It is a tangible proof of my role, of how I always have a piece of my family beside me and a reminder of how I am loved.


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