Make a Wish

Today is my 27th birthday. For some reason, my own birthday always seems to make me a bit nostalgic and melancholy. Of course, I appreciate any happy birthday wish, card, gift, or sentiment provided to me, but I can’t help but feel undeserving. I suppose that this year is a bit different than other years. My 27th year marks exactly 10 years since my life dramatically changed. As a result of the choices I made at age 17, my life took a different path/route, losing friends (or at least people who I thought were my friends), and experiencing a tumultuous senior year of high school and four years of college, thereafter.

That aside, these past ten years have been nothing short of eventful, some positive, some not so much. In spite of it all, I will be forever thankful for my family, my sister and mom, who have always stuck by me, believing me when I failed to believe in myself, providing me with the strength, momentum and encouragement to continue forging my way through life. No matter what I might look like, no matter the choices I made or failed to make, they still make me feel as though I am deserving of the many opportunities life can provide. They inspire me each day and teach me what resilience and perseverance is. Though today might be my birthday, the two people who really deserve to be recognized today are my sister and mom, it is because of their love, strength and support that I will blow out those candles today and look towards another year of life.

To me, birthdays are a chance for new beginnings.

Birthday Cake


3 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. Happy birthday! I agree birthdays are for new beginnings. While New Year’s is obviously the most popular for a new start, I always feel like my birthday is my own little New Year’s, where I can inactive little personal chances and see how I become a new person through the next year. It’s a great time to reflecT on your own life.

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