Excitement by the Spoonful: NEW Refrigerated Finds!

Happy Friday, to you! Lately, my posts have been rather lighthearted and simply informative as opposed to emotion-driven, though I have a couple topics/issues I’ve been wanting to discuss, so they are to come either over the weekend, or early next week! So for now, I’d like to indulge you in a couple new refrigerated finds I’ve recently stumbled across (disclaimer: I haven’t actually spotted these in-store as of yet, but recently noticed their announcements via social media, so I’m sure they will appearing on store shelves relatively soon!)

Yoplait 100-Calorie Apple Pie Greek Yogurt:

Yoplait Greek Apple Pie

Yum! How wonderful does this look/sound? Already a huge fan of Yoplait 100-Calorie Greek yogurt, I cannot wait to try this flavor! I can only imagine how good it will be, especially since one of my favorite fruits is the star – apples! If you’ve tried it already, please let me know how it is, I’ll be eager to hear.

Yoplait Seasonal Flavors: Light Mocha Mint & Peppermint Bark Yogurt:

Yoplait Mocha Mint and Peppermint Bark

If you follow me on Twitter (@Stylinstar53), then you might have seen my tweet last Friday after arriving home from a Target shopping trip. While shopping, I noticed and of course, purchased the Light Mocha Mint flavor! It is wonderful, I can assure you. As a 4-ounce, 60-calorie yogurt, it is the ideal snack, or addition to a breakfast and I highly recommend it to you. The other flavor, Peppermint Bark is 110-calories, per 4-ounces and also sounds tasty! This time of year, peppermint anything seems to be cropping up everywhere and that is definitely okay by me!

Chobani Simply 100-Calorie Greek Yogurt Line:

Chobani 100 calorie

Ahh! Have you heard?! The other day, Chobani proudly tweeted and posted they are introducing a brand new line of 100-calorie Greek yogurts! To me, this sounds absolutely wonderful and is an exciting announcement. Contrary to their traditional Greek yogurt line, the 100-calorie yogurts pack 5.3 oz compared to the usual 6 oz, which of course isn’t bad at all. PLUS, as an added bonus, the Chobani 100-calorie yogurt line is available in many of our favorite Chobani flavors: Lemon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Peach and Pineapple! They are also naturally-sweetened with Stevia Leaf extract, for those of you who might be curious about any added chemicals.

So there you have it! Just a brief taste of some the newest refrigerated finds I’ve stumbled across!

QUESTION: Have you tried/spotted any of these new product finds? If so, what did you think? If not, which would you most like to try?

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