Keeping Strength: Wise Words Demi said

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I am a dedicated fan of morning talk shows and talk shows in general. From Good Morning America, to The Chew, to Katie, to Dr. Oz, the possibilities are endless. If I don’t catch it live, then my DVR awaits for me, eager to be watched either that evening, or an evening to come. A couple weeks ago, while watching Good Morning America, Demi Lovato, the nationally-renowned singer/songwriter, was announced as the guest, that particular morning. To confess, in years past, I was not the biggest Demi Lovato fan. When I looked to her, I saw her as a cheesy, manufactured, Disney popstar, however, as I came to hear of her story and truly listened to her strong, determined, powerful voice, I saw her in a different, positive and respectful light. Today, she is one of my favorite musicians and role models.

She has battled her own inner demons, family perils, among others, and still has managed to overcome it, and manages it each day. She stated while on Good Morning America, that she is often asked by her fans how she maintains her recovery from an eating disorder and addictions and finally decided to place her advice and coping mechanisms into book form. Therefore, one of her main reasons for appearing on the talk show that morning, was to introduce and disclose her brand new book entitled, “Staying Strong 365 Days a Year.” However, it is not in typical “book form.” Rather, it is a book arranged by each day. Each day is introduced with a quote from a famous/influential individual (Dr. Seuss and Maya Angelou, to name a few), in addition to Demi’s perspective for choosing the quote and a goal for the day. These goals and quotes are both inspiring and truthful. In fact, I can usually find at least something to relate to in all the goals and quotes for the day and while it might not be exact, I still empathize, appreciate it, and perhaps even share it with others who might be able to relate more closely to it.

Image  Image

After hearing her speak of the book, her motivations behind it, and her own personal goals, I just knew that instant I had purchase the book and so I did. Thanks to good old, Demi’s book sat on my doorstep the very next morning (and I didn’t even have to pay extra for advanced shipping!) Though I do occasionally forget to consult the book each day, when I do happen to remember, I’m always so thankful and hopeful. It surely does serve it’s purpose, comforts me and lets me know I am not alone, despite how I might feel. There is always someone out there who can relate and who has made it out successfully, on the other side. Sometimes, just reading Demi’s book provides me with “food for thought,” or at least an alternative perspective for thinking about situations and life, in general.

Whether you’re a Demi Lovato fan or not, or aren’t all that familiar with her, her new book, “Staying Strong 365 Days a Year,” is worth checking out. Plus, on days when you might need more comforting or inspiration than others, take it from me when I say it, turning to that particular day’s page, always seems to hold something I can relate to at that moment.


QUESTION: What do you do or read when you are seeking inspiration or comfort?


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