Know Thyself: What I know & Where I’m Going

Good morning, friends! It’s a brisk and breezy Wednesday, here in Pennsylvania, so I hope you’re keeping warm, if you’re local, or if you’re somewhere else where it is just as chilly! This morning during my daily perusing of Facebook, I happened to spot yet another quote that piqued my interest and sparked an internal dialogue/thoughts: “I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.” This couldn’t be more fitting for me, as I find myself consistently searching for the ideal “career” or position for me. I graduated in 2010 from college with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and since then, while I’ve worked a couple jobs I started to consider a “career,” they were short-lived and I found myself again searching for that career opportunity that would fulfill my greatest desires and hopes, leaving me fulfilled and feeling as though I made a difference/impact at the end of the day. Still, I consistently came up empty and wracked myself with the goal of filling the void deeply etched within me.


In years past, as I’ve previously mentioned in preceding blog posts, I was an avid volunteer, spending much of my time tutoring elementary-aged children, assisting with child care and meal service in the American Red Cross Homeless shelter, serving as an office assistant/event assistant for The Sunshine Foundation, volunteering at a local hospital, as well as a host of other volunteer endeavors at various nonprofit organizations. It was my passion and filled the part of me which yearns to help and assist others in any and every way I possibly can. Much to my dismay, my search for a fulfilling, lucrative career has taken away from my volunteer involvement. Sometimes, I think it is my lack of volunteering that leads me to harbor the void I speak of. Volunteering connects me to the community and summons many pleasant memories in my mind and heart. I suppose I’ve been thinking of my volunteer experiences even more poignantly lately, as a result of the impending Thanksgiving holiday, which to me, was always a big volunteer holiday. In high school, my friend and I would spend the afternoon serving a free Thanksgiving meal to community members in need. It was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed, conversing with the families who attended, while being able to provide them with something they were truly grateful for.


When I saw the quote this morning, which speaks of not truly knowing what direction one wants to move in, as far as their career goes, but is self-aware with the type of person they wish to be, it spoke to me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. So I’ll try my best to interpret all I feel in this respect: I wish to be a woman who helps others, who listens to them when they are speaking and pays attention to their body language; I wish to be a woman who pays attention to the world, community, her family and friends around her and provides support when she can. Also, I wish to be a woman who touches others through both the spoken and written word and perhaps sparks ideas and hope, or at least awareness that one is never alone in the world. I’m sure I could continue my words about the type of woman I hope to be, but for now, I’ll leave it at that.


Isn’t it funny how a single quote or sentence can spark an entire internal dialogue in one’s mind? To me, it is truly proof of the power of words and how they can lead to us to thoughts and ideas we never thought possible.



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