Friendly Signs: Don’t Wait for it, Show it

Good Monday morning, to you, wherever you might be today! I hope your weekend was a pleasant one, though my heart reaches out to those who are affected by the severe weather our country encountered yesterday. Sometimes, weather like this catches us all off guard and definitely makes me appreciative for all I have, the roof over my head, and my familiar community. Today, I’m keeping those affected communities close to my heart, wishing for a speedy recovery.

That said, thoughts and mantras, in general seemed to be a recurrent theme this weekend, again, as it was the preceding weekend, not that I mind, of course. On Saturday afternoon, I was in quite a sour mood, feeling sorry for myself, lamenting in all I wish I had and how I yearned for a different lifestyle. Instead of being grateful for my surroundings and family, I spent much of the morning and early afternoon groaning and complaining, failing to savor the uncharacteristically warm weather and laid-back atmosphere. Running errands, my mom and I quickly scurried into Lowe’s to utilize my gift card for some items we needed. The store was busy and difficult to navigate, but soon we arrived at the checkout line and were greeted by a friendly, welcoming cashier. She was gentle in her demeanor, smiled a genuine, pleasant smile, and thanked us numerous times for visiting and our patronage, urging us to return again soon. At her positive nature, I was surprisingly taken aback and overwhelmed with joy. My mom and I both left the store smiling and in shock at her kindness. As a frequent viewer of the CBS Television Series, “Undercover Boss“, I find myself even more attuned to the behaviors and customer service provided by store associates and to be honest, this Lowe’s employee exemplified true customer service and kindness. She truly made me feel as though she valued our business and presence.


After our encounter at Lowe’s, my mood began to soften and continued to improve as we headed home down the familiar roadways. Stopped at a traffic light, my mom and I suddenly took note of a line on the billboard outside of a church which read, “Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them.” Wow, I thought to myself, how fitting was that quote. So often, I find myself waiting for others to appropriate me, or be kind to me, whereas this quote reminds me, we don’t have to wait, we can show others how accommodating  and friendly we can be. Just because someone else may be stand-offish or in a bad mood, does not mean we have to reciprocate. In fact, we have the ability to perhaps improve their day or mood, simply by a pleasant hello, kind word, or inquiry after them. It reminds me of another quote I am quite fond of, in the words of American author Leo Buscaglia, ““Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Since first reading this quote, I’ve always believed it to be true, as it has been proven to me numerous times.

Sometimes, I find I get so trapped and lost within my own mind, but the kindness of others and realizing how we can truly CHOOSE to be happy each day, changes it around and thought it may take awhile some days to realize this, it never ceases to improve my mood and present frame of mind.


QUESTION: Have you ever encountered something similar?


3 thoughts on “Friendly Signs: Don’t Wait for it, Show it

  1. As you know, I am a friendly person. The other day I had to have bloodwork done. I went to Lab Corp in Paoli. There was one girl working so I had to wait for a couple of minutes. She only had one person other than me in the office. When it came to my turn I greeted her with a friendly smile and asked how she was doing. She grumbled back. That didn’t stop me from being friendly. As she was getting the vials ready I complimented her on something and tried to make her smile. I got nothing but a grumble back. So, she took my blood. That was that. When I got home I noticed blood dripping down my arm from under the bandage. When I looked at where she had taken blood, it was starting to bruise and getting a lump. By night time, it was a big bruise and big lump and it hurt. I thought to myself, damn, she was in such a bad mood. I bet she did that on purpose. It really bothered my that she was so miserable to me. Maybe she had something major going on in her life, but she didn’t have to take it out on me. I’m still wondering about it.

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