Wednesday Wonders: NEW Products FOUND!

Hi, there! Welcome to the mid-week! Today, I’m very excited to share with you some new finds I recently spotted. At first, I was hesitant to share, not knowing if it would be all that interesting to anyone besides me, but ultimately decided to, because I think some of these products/concepts are just too unique to keep to myself! Enjoy! Also, if you’ve tried any of these newbies, please let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions!

Dannon Light ‘n Fit Greek Yogurt in Pomegranate Berry & Blackberry:

Image      Image

Who even knew these two flavors were being introduced?! I sure haven’t spotted them on store shelves yet, but noticed the announcement of Pomegranate Berry on the Dannon Light ‘n Fit Facebook page, the other day! However, the Blackberry flavor remains a surprise and a mystery to me, though a pleasant one, leaving me hoping I’ll spot these two tasty flavors soon!

Dunkin’ Donuts Red Velvet Latte & Red Velvet Drizzle Donut:

Image        Image

Oh wow, can we just say this looks absolutely incredible?! I mean, I’ve seen the Red Velvet donut done before by a local donut shop (Yum Yum Donuts, anyone? For those of you local Pennsylvanians, anyway), but a Red Velvet Latte? I don’t believe I’ve noticed one before, but it does sound quite wonderful, and I’m especially loving the red drizzle on top! This is sure to be one sweet treat and an ideal one for the holidays and those cold, blustery days/nights.

Baskin Robbins Flavor of the Month – Gingerbread Junction Ice Cream:


If you’re unfamiliar with Baskin Robbins, they are a nationwide ice cream shop, featuring some of the most, unique and classic flavors of ice cream, yogurt, light ice creams, sorbets, milkshakes and beyond. Each month, they concoct a unique blend of ice cream and designate it as their “Flavor of the Month.” This month, the lucky flavor was chosen as Gingerbread Junction (as described per baskinrobbins.comGingerbread and vanilla flavored ice creams intersect with a cinnamon caramel ribbon to create the taste of a just-baked gingerbread cookie dunked in a cool glass of milk.) This sounds like an excellent flavor and one I would thoroughly enjoy, without question!

Jif Brand Almond & Cashew Butters in both Creamy & Crunchy textures:

Image  Image  Image  Image

All of the available flavors ranging from Jif Almond Crunchy to Jif Cashew Creamy. How exciting is this?! One of America’s favorite Peanut Butter brands now introduces Almond & Cashew Butters to their product line! Not only are they introducing new nut varieties, but also two different texturescrunchy and creamy! That way, almond and cashew fans can enjoy their respective butters in their texture of choice! I like to see that Jif is keeping up with the times and changing needs of the public and acclimating accordingly.

Yankee Candle Holiday Collection – Snowflake Cookie, Merry Marshmallow, Celebrate Christmas & Season of Peace:


A couple weeks ago, my sister and I headed over to our local Yankee Candle store to peruse the aisles and see of any new scents had been introduced. Much to our surprise and delight, upon entering the store, we noticed the brand new Holiday collection! Out of all of these scents, I would have to say, my favorite is definitely Snowflake Cookie! It smells like a freshly baked sugar cooking with frosting – similar to Pillsbury Funfetti mix, one of my favorites! This line is definitely worth checking out and keeping in mind for holiday gifts (both for others and yourself!) Also, FYI: head on over to your nearest Yankee Candle store this weekend (Nov 9th from 10-4pm, for their HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE, where there will be free giveaways every hour, food and fun! Plus, the Veteran’s Day sale begins tomorrow – Nov 7th, where samplers and tarts will be $1 each! SCORE!)

Lay’s Wavy Milk Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips:

Lay's Wavy Milk Chocolate Chips

That’s right, your favorite wavy potato chips now doused in decadent milk chocolate! Truly, the epitome of sweet/salty! I’m intrigued by this new development, to be honest and actually think it sounds pretty good! It’s due to hit shelves pretty soon, if it hasn’t already.

Sprite Cranberry (available in Sprite Zero and regular varieties):

Sprite Cranberry

The only place I’ve spotted this is at Target about 25-30 minutes away from me. I sure wish it would make its way though to either my local Target or grocery store. It sounds like something I would absolutely love, though I would purchase the Sprite Zero version.

Cinnabon Coffee K-Cup:

Cinnabon Kcup

Have you heard about this?! I am so overly excited about this, I cannot even begin to explain. Since I first saw the announcement on Keurig‘s Facebook page, I’ve been anxiously awaiting its official arrival, as it was said it would appear on shelves just in time for the holidays! Sure enough, a bit ago, Keurig officially announced on their Facebook page that it is now available for purchase on and should be arriving in other retail locations and websites shortly! I know what I’ll be brewing all Winter long! Yum!

QUESTION: So, tell me, what product are you most excited about trying? Have you tried any of these yet?


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