Expect Great Things: Get Stylish @ Kohl’s!

This time of year happens to be one of my favorites for a variety of reasons. First off, the impending holidays, spending time with family and can we talk about the fall foliage? The trees and leaves directly outside of my house are absolutely breathtaking (if I’m being honest, I nearly did a double take a couple times as I walked by, staring in awe at the colors, which are indescribably beautiful!) That being said, however, I’d like to focus on one rapidly-approaching “holiday” – Black Friday! Yes, it is a holiday to be celebrated, explored, and *prepared for.* Here’s a an insider’s tip for you: visit bfads.net for an exclusive look at some of the major retailers Black Friday ads which have already been leaked and examined! Be sure to visit on a daily basis, or even better, follow along on Twitter for constant updates and changes. Hey, it sure pays to be prepared!

Black Friday   Black Friday 2

Today, I’d like to explore the new, exciting fashions at one of my favorite retailers of all time: Kohl’s. Not only is it less than 3 miles from my home, but they also supply a plethora of coupons on a daily basis. Additionally, they are what I consider a “friendly,” retailer. The employees and management are constantly taking care to ensure customers receive a quick checkout and that customers’ needs are met. Plus, just for being a Kohl’s store cardholder, you are automatically entitled to consistent discounts and promotions. Also, if you happen to be shopping in store and notice Kohl’s is out of your size, color, or any other specification, there are Kohl’s “kiosks” randomly placed throughout the store which enable you to order the appropriate item with the click of a button, PLUS it is free delivery to your home! Ordering from the kiosk also allows you to pay with a variety of payment options (cash, card, Kohl’s store card, Kohl’s cash, etc), plus you have the option to enter coupon codes (visit retailmenot.com, as they often post coupon codes for Kohl’s and a host of other retailers; it is definitely an excellent resource, especially this time of year).


Anyhow, Kohl’s fashions seem to be even better this year than in years prior. If you’re not familiar with Kohl’s, they offer numerous fashion lines for women (Candies, Lauren Conrad, Rock & Republic, Chaps, Elle, Catherine Malandrino, Jennifer Lopez, Dana Buchman, plus many others!) For the purpose of saving time and not having this post drag on, I’d like to focus on two lines in particular since several of their prices have caught my eye and linger on my radar (Lauren Conrad & Candies).

Lauren Conrad  Rock & Republic  Elle Kohl'sCandies

Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Line @ Kohl’s (Below are several of her current offerings and some of my favorites):


Blue sweater    Blue sweater 2Beige sweaterStriped sweaterLC Heels  Lace sweater Black dress

Candies Fashion Line @ Kohl’s:


Studded Sweater Sequin Chiffon DressLace Trimmed SweaterFloral Polka Dot scarf Floral Sheerf Scarf

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite winter fashions?


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