If the Shoe Fits…

Welcome to a new week! I hope the weather is holding up where you are. Right now, winds are starting to pick up and it has been raining on and off throughout the morning and early afternoon. From what I hear, it is expected to get worse during the evening rush, but hopefully it will taper off and end up not being as bad as anticipated. Anyhow, this weekend was a bit different than the usual. More often than not, I spent the weekends relaxing at home and catching up on favorite TV shows and reading, however, this weekend was spent venturing out for a yummy dinner at P.F. Chang’s, as well as an event hosted by one of my favorite local radio stations since I’ve been young – 94.5 PST, based in Princeton, NJ!

Image      Image

While perusing PST’s website a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon their contests section and noticed an invitation-only event entitled, “Choose Your Shoes.” In order to attend the event, you had to “win your way in.” Therefore, being the self-professed “shoe fiend” I am, I jumped at the opportunity to enter! Much to my surprise, I ended up winning an entry, therefore guaranteeing me a pair of designer shoes! I was also told I could bring guests, so my mom came along! Everyone who attended had the chance to win a pair of shoes, but all names were placed in a jar and randomly selected, whereas those who won their way in, each checked in upon entering the catering facility where the event was held and were given a number. I was in shock when I noticed the number I was given – 3! Since I’ve been a child, the number 3 has been my favorite number as I am often assigned it AND my birthday just so happens to be on May 3rd! It’s funny how it happens to turn out that way. Anyhow, I took that as good luck and hoped that the shoes I wanted would still be available by the time my number was called.

Image      Image

The shoes available for picking included a vast array of brands and styles, from classic UGG boots and moccasins, to Sperry’s, Tory Burch and Burberry flats, Michael Kors boots, Coach sneakers, Jessica Simpson heels, Ivanka Trump pumps, plus the heels I chose…


Enzo Angiolini Fayson Suede Pumps in Crimson Red!

Ahh, how I love them! These shoes, in my opinion, are truly high-quality showstoppers! Unfortunately, they aren’t my size (they are an 8, I am 6), therefore I need to do a quick exchange, which should be pretty simple, since PST provided all winners with a gift receipt! I’m VERY excited to sport these with a black dress, leggings, or even skinny jeans! They are apt to instantly take a simple outfit to the next level!

I’m so glad I was able to attend this very special event in that it not only commemorated my favorite accessory – Shoes, but also supported a cause I am particularly passionate about – Breast Cancer Awareness. EVERYTHING purchased that night (from the signature Pink cocktails, to the candy bags, raffle tickets, t-shirts, and game chances) all went to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research! Plus, a local hair salon and spa provided attendees with a signature “pink nail,” nail polish, as well as an opportunity to have a massage done!

Image    Image

                                                                       My mom and I at the event!

QUESTION: I noticed I haven’t posted a question in quite awhile, so here’s a query to spark your thoughts: Have you ever attended an event such as this? What type of shoes would you choose?


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