Put a LID on it and Go PINK!

Happy October, to you! So, we’re currently three days into a month I used to detest as a child and even as recently as a teenager. I have multiple reasons for my previous dislike of October, which include: being hospitalized multiple times in the month, including for an appendectomy as a child (on Halloween, of all days!), plus another hospitalization over Halloween, and a vast array of other unfortunate events. Thankfully, my perspective and thoughts on the month of October has changed for the better over the past couple years and I am now able to see the beauty in it. During this month, Fall foliage is often at its peak, candy corn and other tasty treats are at their peak and one of the most imperative causes to date is celebrated this month – Breast Cancer Awareness. This year, I hold the cause even closer to my heart and aspire to do all I can to contribute to combating this potentially vicious illness and halt the spread of it.

Image   Image   Image

Though my present financial state isn’t the greatest, I’ve come to discover I can STILL contribute and make a difference, in some way. If you’re curious like me, about how you can contribute in unique ways, here’s a quick debriefing:

Ways YOU can contribute to the cause:

Show your support by wearing PINK! Whether it is a pink shoelace, t-shirt, belt, scarf.. simply by wearing the color, you can show your support and interest in combating the disease and supporting those with a current diagnosis and their family/friends.

Image  Image  

Participate in a walk. Typically, the fee to participate is negligible, and donating your time and steps to the cause, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to show support. Plus, you are given the option to raise funds by having companies and other individuals sponsor you and/or your walking group. The camaraderie experienced during these walks is a gift all in its own.

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Purchase YOPLAIT yogurt with a PINK lid:  Perhaps one of the easiest ways to show support, besides donning pink attire is to purchase one of my favorite brands of yogurt this month – YOPLAIT! Since 1997, Yoplait has been known for it’s SAVE LIDS TO SAVE LIVES campaign. In fact, I recall the very first time I became acquainted with the program. The year was 2005 and friends of mine had become interested in the campaign. Each time one of us peeled open a yogurt, it was only customary to pass the lids to the designated “lid collector” to compile for mail-in submission to Yoplait. Now, however, the submission is significantly easier, as the code imprinted on the lid can simply be entered via Yoplait.com! Therefore, a stamp and envelope is no longer required. With the mere touch of a button, a code can be submitted, and Yoplait will in turn, contribute .10 per code entered. In my opinion, ten cents here and there, adds up and can really make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Image  Image   Image

Nothing makes me happier than seeing those pink lids on the dairy shelves within the grocery store. Each time I see it, it makes me want to purchase nearly the entire shelf, or leave behind the other yogurt brands in favor of purchasing Yoplait, simply because I am so taken with the cause they support. It is a beautiful thing, in my opinion, to see those lids, but even more beautiful to see them within individuals’ shopping carts. I can only hope, however, that prior to tossing away those lids, consumers will take a minute or two, to enter those imperative codes on Yoplait’s website. The power is in our hands and within those short codes.

Curious about the Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives program? Click here to check it out in its entirety:


https://savelidstosavelives.com/desktop/ (click here when you’re ready to enter a code!)


However you decide to support Breast Cancer Awareness/Research/Treatment, your contribution is significant and meaningful. No contribution, in my opinion, is too small. To contribute is to help and every effort is imperative. ❤

* Sending my love and support to all of those fighters out there. Thinking of you each and every day!


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