A Healing Flame: Exploring the Power of Candles

Happy Sunday, to you! I hope your weekend was a pleasant one and that you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful evening! Or at least, I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you might be. Here in suburban Pennsylvania, the weather is ideal – temperature wise (not too hot, not too cool), abundant sunshine and a light breeze. In my opinion, I could live with weather like this, year-round! Anyhow, this weekend, overall, was pretty decent. On Friday afternoon, my sister and Hope and I visited her development’s pool and were able to lay out, catch up on fun topics and dip our feet into the cool water. It was a treat on a Friday afternoon, my first “dip” into a pool this Summer season! Plus, being the sun is always welcome in my book; the sun has a way of energizing me. Yesterday, though the weather was not so ideal, my mom and I still made the best of it and ventured to the nearest Yankee Candle, in Princeton, NJ, for their annual “Halloween Preview Party!” If you’re unfamiliar with both Yankee Candle and their Halloween Party, or perhaps the latter only, each August, Yankee Candle, a prominent candle company within the U.S., reveals their Halloween holiday candles with a little in-store celebration. Typically, treats and candies are provided to customers, plus raffles and giveaways are held. Not wanting to miss the festivities, my mom and I made our way in mid-afternoon! More on that in a bit though, allow me to debrief you on today’s eats!

Breakfast (Sunday, August 4, 2013):

1 container Axelrod Light Cherry Vanilla Yogurt (As I mentioned before, I’ve had Axelrod’s Banana Creme, which I absolutely adored, however, this unfortunately was not the case with their Cherry Vanilla. While it was easily combined with the cereal, which I liked, on the other hand, the color – a very artificial hue resembling a splatter of pinkish-purple paint, was very off-putting and did not appear all that appetizing. In general, it was a very thin consistency and made me feel as though I was consuming more so a chemical rather than a healthy yogurt. I’m sad to say it, but I will not be purchasing this flavor yogurt anytime soon).

1 cup Barbara’s Bakery Peanut Butter/Chocolate Puffins (The box has now been completed and overall, it was fair. It wasn’t at all what I originally expected it to be, but I’m glad I had the chance to finally try it, after lusting after it for a year or so).

1 cup Kix cereal (Yay, Kix has made it’s return! Having not eaten it in years, since childhood, after seeing it on sale at a local grocery store yesterday, it made its way into my cart and into my cereal bowl this morning! The cereal itself, was considerably smaller than I remembered them to be, and less sweet, however, the subtle sweetness was completed by the Puffins, so it ended up being OK. I think Kix tastes better when it is mixed with another more flavorful cereal, but still a healthy choice for a breakfast.)

1 Banana (Still going strong with the banana luck! Sweet, petite and ripe – my ideal fruit!)

Axelrod cherry vanillaKix cerealPuffins PB and ChocolateBanana

Back to today’s musing: Yankee Candle and the overall power of candles! Earlier in the week, as a dedicated email subscriber to Yankee Candle’s newsletter, I received an email from them informing me the annual Halloween Preview Party was to be held this Saturday! Eager and excited to attend, I made sure to make mental note of it and inform others. For as long as I can remember, I have been a true fan of candles, in general. My earliest memories go back to elementary school, when in school, we actually made candles, ourselves, believe it or not.

Yankee Candle Yankee Candle Halloween Party

With candles, there are innumerable amounts of scents and styles; truly something for everyone’s unique scents and preferences. Much of the time, I prefer candles scented with familiar baked goods and flavorings (i.e. Pumpkin, Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcake, Cookies, Whoopie Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Maple Pancakes, Cinnamon Roll, Creamy Caramel, etc). With Yankee Candle, in particular, the possibilities are endless and they are always evolving, changing and surprising me. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Yankee Candle French VanillaYankee Candle Assorted ScentsYankee Candle Red VelvetYankee Candle Whoopie PieYankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake

To me, the allure of candles is nothing short of magical, especially on a bad day, or a day with inclement weather, what better than to come home to a house illuminated with candles, filling the air with warm, comforting scents, bringing a wave of pleasant memories.  As an innovative company, Yankee Candle prides itself in surprising consumers with unique and unusual scents, having introduced a new collection of what they label as, “Man Candles.” I’m not quite sure how I feel about “gender-ascribed” candles, however, two of the scents they unveiled are striking and absolutely exude the scent they are labeled as:

Yankee Candle Man Candles

That’s right: Bacon and Popcorn! If you can believe it, these candles truly do smell like bacon and popcorn! When they first appeared on shelves (around Father’s Day, or slightly before), Yankee Candle offered a promotion – a free movie ticket with purchase of the “Movie Night” popcorn-scented candle! An ideal incentive and combo for movie and candle fans!  While Bacon and Popcorn scented candles are definitely one of the most unique scents I’ve encountered, there is one candle scent in particular I think of, which comes to mind when I think of “most unique.

Some of you may be familiar with the candle scent I am about to reveal, though many of you may not. The beloved “Bath and Body Works,” boasts a candle division (SLATKIN & CO), which appeared in stores during my childhood. With the introduction of candles, came one of the most unique and unexpected scents to date (in my opinion, at least): BUTTERED MASHED POTATOES candle! Can you believe it?! I sure couldn’t, but of course, my family HAD to buy it! Believe me when I say it, too, it sure did smell like the creamy, mashed potatoes many of us enjoy each Thanksgiving, or in general, as a tasty, comforting side dish!

Mashed Potato candleCandles

Sure, to some I may be overly enthusiastic about candles, but to me, it is an innocent indulgence I allow myself, because to me, a scent has the ability to summon memories of fun, family and happiness, providing me with the chance to smell the holidays or a favorite food, for as long as the candle burns!

QUESTION: So, tell, me, do you like candles? If so, what are some of your favorite scents? Or, if you don’t like candles, why not?

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