Savor the Summer: A Final Summer To-Do List

Happy August, to you! I hope you’re first day of the new month has been a pleasant one! Over here in suburban Pennsylvania, it’s been a soggy one, filled with lots of intermittent downpours and a generally dreary day. I hear tomorrow, Sunday and Monday will be sunny ones, however, so that brings my spirits up, a bit. Anyhow, I wasn’t quite sure I was going to post today, but ultimately felt inspired in the latter portion of the day. This morning, as I watched some of my favorite anchors on the news, they chatted about the month of August and how it always reminds them of Summer drawing to a close, despite Summer’s actual end date is the end of September and not in fact, August. I could relate to all they said, in that to me, August always brings up memories of school supplies, purchasing new clothes, and checking off Summer activities I hoped to engage in earlier in the season, but for some reason, hadn’t gotten the opportunity or around to doing it. I thought for a lighthearted/fun post, today I would share with you some of the activities/trips I still hope to engage in prior to the end of the Summer season! If I’ve forgotten some that you enjoy, please share with me, I’d love to hear and am always looking for inspiration! Before I compile my list, allow me to quickly brief you with my morning nourishment:

Breakfast (August, 1, 2013):

1 container Chobani Blood Orange yogurt: (This was a first for me and I enjoyed it. It was a unique taste, one I’ve never really encountered before. I think blood orange is such a creative choice for a yogurt flavor. It’s not one of the traditional flavors, such as blueberry or strawberry, and I like how it stands out. Plus, Chobani is one of the few brands whose yogurts are 6oz as opposed to the 5.3oz among other brands. If you haven’t tried this flavor yet, I encourage you to give it a try!)

1 cup Special K Red Berries (Yay, they have returned! I was excited to dig into these today, as I was routinely consuming the Special K Multigrain Flakes, which I love, but I think the red berries truly complement the flakes and add a pleasant sweet flavor. PLUS, I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine: you know what made this cereal taste extra yummy this morning? The fact that when I sauntered on over to to look at their coupons, there just so happened to be a brand new one for Special K Red Berries just sitting there, anxious awaiting for me to print it! Oh and print it, I did, which made for an excellent deal at Pathmark this week, given they were on sale! Score!)

1 cup Giant-brand Puffed Rice Cereal (Classic and appropriately combined with my red berries, this morning!)

1 Banana (I tell you, I am really on a kick with bananas. They have been the ideal amount of ripeness and sweetness; they couldn’t get any better!)


Now, back to today’s musing: my final summer “to-do” list!


  • Fruit Picking: (Sadly, I have yet to go fruit picking this summer. Though I’m disappointed having missed out on both strawberries and blueberries; two types of berries which I am truly fond of, it was recently brought to my attention, that another Summer fruit I absolutely adore will soon be ripe and available for picking – PEACHES! Yes, peaches are just about ready to be picked and enjoyed at local farms. Therefore, I am *determined* to complete my summer with peach-picking and I know just the place for it!)


  • The Beach: (I know, if you’re a beach fan, or even if you aren’t and you’re aware I live within an hour’s driving distance to the New Jersey shore, you’re probably in shock at my confession! No, sadly I have not visited the beach yet, this summer. Although, I will say, I’ve never been a huge fan of beach, I do enjoy some relaxation in the sun and sand. I think it would be fun to lay in the sand, reading one of the many novels I’ve been devouring this Summer, with a fun, refreshing lemonade (Chick-Fil-A Diet Lemonade, anyone?) or iced coffee in hand!


  • Visit New Hope in the evening: (If you’re not familiar with New Hope, Pennsylvania, it is a small, picturesque town about 30 mins or so, from me, filled with lots of little stores, restaurants and bars. It’s fun to visit in the Summer months, as it is relaxing to walk around and explore the new sites and scenes. Before the summer ends, I’d like to visit at night, catch some live music and enjoy myself!


  • Wear a Sundress: (I know, I really could wear a sundress any day this Summer, but I’ve been waiting for the ideal moment. Perhaps I could combine wearing a sundress with visiting New Hope in the evening? Sounds like a plan to me!)


  • Eat an Rainbow-Sprinkled covered Ice Cream Cone: (Again, you might be thinking, couldn’t I do that any day? Truth is, yes, I probably could, but as with wearing a sundress, I’ve been waiting for the ideal moment. It’s not every day I go out and buy an ice cream cone and I’d like to be able to enjoy and savor it! Plus, in my opinion, the warm Summer sun is the ideal time to treat oneself to one!)


I’m sure I could probably add several more goals to this list, but I’ll keep it short and sweet!

QUESTION: What are some activities you’d like to still do this summer? Or, what have been some of your favorite activities/trips, you’ve done this summer?


3 thoughts on “Savor the Summer: A Final Summer To-Do List

  1. OO how i wish I had a beach closer than five hours away, the beach is perfect! New Hope sounds pretty nice, little towns have the best bakeries, yum. I’d like to get some more hiking in and take the puppy to a dog park before school starts!

  2. I’m in nj about 20 minutes from new hope. You must go for the Friday night fireworks, they are awesome. Plus with all the outdoor dining, you can sit outside, wear a sundress, and enjoy dinner, followed by an ice cream cone as you watch the fireworks.

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