GOT MILK? Good Karma Foods’ Take on a Refreshing Beverage!

Happy Weekend, to you, my friends! It’s a sultry Saturday, here in suburban Pennsylvania and I’m spending it relaxing, doing some shopping and running errands. From what I hear, the excessive heat warning is set to expire tonight with the onset of some potentially drenching rains. Of course the cool-off will be much appreciated, but to be honest, I’m not a big fan of fan, though I know it is necessary and essential for the environment and agriculture. Here’s to hoping the rain arrives while I’m fast asleep tonight! Anyhow, today’s musing will be a bit different than those I’ve previously chatted with you about. Today, I bring to you, a company, I’ve become quite fond of these past couple months – Good Karma Foods. However, before I delve into my passion for them, I will share with you, my morning eats (a new yogurt find is on deck!)

Breakfast (Saturday, July 20, 2013):

1 container Stonyfield Farm “Superfruits” Greek Yogurt (If you’re like me, you might be wondering/curious as to what actually constitutes as a “superfruit”) well, the Stonyfield Farm container states, it is comprised of raspberry, pomegranate, and acai. Since first noticing this yogurt flavor on store shelves, I was intrigued and longed to try it. However, much of the time, this brand of yogurt is slightly more expensive than other Greek yogurts. Though, feeling particularly rebellious one day, I splurged and purchased a cup, hoping for the best. So, I designated today as the day I would try this flavor. At first spoonful, I tasted hints of what reminded me of “fruit snacks.” Though, I do love my fruit snacks, I don’t really think it works all that well as a yogurt. I wouldn’t say this yogurt was awful, but I certainly would not purchase it again. The flavors were a bit much and acidic. Still, I’m glad I tried it, so I didn’t have to wonder anymore.

1 cup Special K Red Berries (I’ll tell you a secret… I mixed in some Kashi Simply Maize in here to finish off the box, but it barely filled half a cup, so it’s why I’m not listing it on it’s own. I liked how the red berries combined with the yogurt though, I was sticking with the “berry theme,” for today’s breakfast)

1 cup Giant Store brand Puffed Rice Cereal (Got to love my puffed rice! A good mixer.)

1 Banana (This morning’s banana I believe was from a different bunch and was much easier to peel, thankfully. It gave me a break this morning, not having to perform surgery on my poor banana!)


Now, back to today’s musing: Good Karma Foods. Recently, my friends over at Good Karma Foods (most specifically, Alexandra), provided me with the unique opportunity to be able to try some of their products. Having already become a fan by purchasing on my own several months prior, this time, I had the chance to try out some of there other varieties, which I was very excited and eager about! Before I share with you my thoughts on their products, I decided I would indulge you in a brief oversight of the company, their background and what they are all about! Believe me when I say it, this is one company to be on the watch for, I think they are one to be celebrated.


Good Karma Foods (

  • As stated on the Good Karma website, to sum up what the company is all about and their initiative:

    [For us, Good Karma™ means “positive outcomes that come from positive energies focused for good purpose.” Good Karma. That’s us. That’s how we came up with the idea for our Flaxmilks.  We set out to make an alternative beverage that was more than just a substitute for milk-more than just a filler.  Our aim was to create something that could stand on its own as a both a delicious, and nutritionally dense beverage, while offering the added benefits of being vegan and dairy-free so it could be enjoyed by everyone. Then we committed ourselves to using only the finest all-natural ingredients. Finally, we made certain all of our ingredients were harvested using sustainable agricultural methods because we respect the Earth and all who share it. The result is Good Karma™ Flaxmilks™. Prepare to smile. All are welcome. That’s our gift to you.”]

  • Corporate Office: Prairie Du Lac, Wisconsin
  • Available Products:

Flax Milks

Flavors: Original (50 calories per cup),Unsweetened (25 calories per cup), Vanilla (60 calories per cup), Protein + Original Unsweetened (50 calories per cup, 5g protein) Protein + Unsweetened Vanilla (50 calories per cup, 5g protein)


Organic Whole Grain Rice Milk

Flavors: Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla, Chocolate


  • Nutritional Benefits of Good Karma Products: 1200mg Omega-3, Organic, Lactose-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, 99% Fat-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Vegan, Calcium Enriched (equivalent to a cup of dairy milk!), Vitamin Fortified (Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D2, etc).
  • Active on Social Media:
    Twitter – @goodkarmafoods, Pinterest –, Facebook –, Blog –

MY REVIEW: (Good Karma Flax MilkUnsweetened, Original & Original/Unsweetened w/Protein)

In one word, my perspective on Good Karma Flax Milk can be appropriately summed up: YUM! Really, though, I wasn’t quite sure what to initially expect upon hearing the word – “Flax Milk,” but wow, am I GLAD I decided to be brave and try it! Frequently, I alternate between almond and soy milks, enjoying their taste and nutritional benefits, plus their often availability of coupons, however, several months prior, while either reading a magazine or a blog (I’m not quite sure which came first), I stumbled across Good Karma’s Flax Milks. Intrigued, I opted to purchase the Unsweetened Original Flax Milk and was pleasantly surprised. The taste to me, is reminiscent of an oat-like flavor, comforting and refreshing. The flavor is subtle, yet striking, easily recognizable when placed in coffee, cereal, or a smoothie, but combines well with whatever it happens to be mixed with, if anything. It’s even good to have on it’s own, as a cold, refreshing treat on a hot summer day, or whenever!

The texture isn’t thick, or hard to digest, plus the Original Unsweetened is a mere 25 calories and each variety of Flax or Rice Milk is chock-full of nutritional benefits! Additionally, each purchase of a Good Karma Flax or Rice Milk benefits organizations geared towards combating world hunger, so not only can you physically feel great about your purchase, but also emotionally, in that you will be supporting those less fortunate.

The other variety I purchased, the Unsweetened Flax Milk plus Protein has nearly an identical flavor, but with 5g of Protein! That’s right, 5 grams! So for those of you who struggle to pack in an adequate amount of protein into your daily regimen, I highly recommend trying out this variety of Flax Milk and if it’s greater flavor you crave, the Protein+ variety is even available in Vanilla!

Cereal with Milk

My Take Away Message: Grocery store shelves today are often lined with non-dairy milk alternatives, most commonly of the Almond, Soy, or Coconut varieties, however, Good Karma Foods is challenging that, by the introduction of Flax Milks (Rice Milk, as well). What I like about Flax Milk is that it can truly be enjoyed by anyone and it is also a welcome change to the traditional varieties of non-dairy milk. If you have difficulty locating Good Karma Foods’ products, head on over to their website ( type in your city or postal code and voila, stores in your area will appear! Of course, if there does not happen to be a store in your area, the option of requesting it, is always a viable option. For me, personally, I tend to purchase Good Karma Flax Milks at my local Whole Foods Market and Wegmans.

Thanks so much to my friends over at Good Karma Foods for providing me with the opportunity to try, share and enjoy!

QUESTION: Have you ever tried Flax or Rice Milk? Which non-dairy alternative is your favorite?


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