TALK TO ME: Talk Shows I’m Tuning Into!

Good Morning, to you! It’s a late Friday morning here in suburban Pennsylvania and I’m wishing you a good start to your weekend, wherever you are! I hope this weekend is a pleasant one for you, filled with lots of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment in the Summer sun! If it’s a heat wave where you are, as it is here, please be sure to keep cool, hydrate and check on loved ones, friends, and pets! Just my little Public Service announcement to all you! Anyhow, I decided to keep today’s musing a lighthearted one, sharing with you some of my favorite TV talk shows, because many of them are sources for imperative and significant topics, one which can stimulate deeper thinking and at least, conversation, which can occasionally be controversial. However, before I divulge my favorites, I bid you my morning nourishment:

1 container America’s Choice (Pathmark brand) Light Coffee Yogurt (In the past, I didn’t think I liked coffee flavored yogurt, but when I tried this brand, I ended up really enjoying it. It is refreshing with a subtle coffee flavor, light brown in color and easily combined with whatever it may be mixed with. A side note: I actually chose a Lemon Raspberry yogurt for this morning, initially, however, I found it unpalatable, due to the lemon flavor. I’m not a big fan of lemon yogurts, I routinely find them to be too acidic and not really the taste I am looking for.

1 cup Wegman’s Brand Chocolate Cheerios (You’ll see below, I am picturing name-brand Chocolate Cheerios, only because unfortunately, I was unable to locate a photo of the Wegmans version. If you’re unfamiliar with Wegmans, it is one of my favorite grocery stores for the sole purpose of it’s uniqueness! It has a sleek design, filled with organic and mainstream items, plus an abundant area for prepared foods, hot bar, pizza, bakery. It is one of my favorite lunch/dinner spots! The possibilities are endless. Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to try Chocolate Cheerios for awhile now and finally was able to purchase them the other day. The store version was $1.99 compared to potentially $4 in the store (without a coupon), so the price was right. I really enjoyed Chocolate Cheerios, it really does have a very strong chocolate flavor, so if you’re not a big chocolate fan, I wouldn’t suggest these. Otherwise, it is a standout cereal, with the ability to flavor whatever it is combined with. It was a little treat on this Friday morning! Dessert for breakfast!

1 cup Special K Red Berries (I chose this cereal this morning to combine with the Chocolate Cheerios, because I thought the red berries mixed with chocolate sounded particularly tasty. I’ve seen the Chocolate Strawberry Special K on shelves before and actually purchased a box for the first time, but haven’t dug into it yet, because I already have several open boxes of cereal, but will eventually get there. This was a good combination choice this morning!)

1 Banana (Oh, goodness. I really am starting to frustrate myself each morning with these bananas! This was yet another one from the Target bunch I’ve been complaining about these past few days. With my frustration mounting, I grabbed a knife, sliced off the skin at the top and rescued the remaining part of the banana. It was better than using my poor, natural nails to extricate the banana skin! All in good fun though, the banana was very tasty, otherwise, I’m happy to report.



Before I share my other thoughts with you today, I just wanted to inform you, in case you haven’t already heard about a new variety of Greek yogurt I am VERY excited about!

YOPLAIT GREEK BLENDED: (flavors – Coconut, Tangerine, Blueberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Strawberry Raspberry). I’m not quite sure when these will be hitting stores or if they have already (I, personally have not spotted them yet), but they sound great! The flavors are unique to those that are already on shelves and sound like it will definitely be a welcome addition to my yogurt repertoire!


Returning to today’s scheduled musing; talk shows! Years ago, I became interested in talk shows after beginning college. Before college, I never really had the opportunity to watch talk shows, as I was in school at the times they aired and never took the time to record them for later viewing. However, once I started college, the times I had classes allowed for me to catch a couple episodes when I returned home, or while I was completing assignments. I came to truly love and value them, watching seasoned Journalists pour themselves into their work, providing their opinions, sentiments, and sometimes touching on controversial topics. All the same, they were able to provide humor, as well, making me feel as though I was watching friends on-screen instead of simply a host on a television talk show. Below, are some of my favorites with a brief explanation as to why they are on my list of must-watch shows!

  • The Katie Couric Show – One of the newer ABC talk shows, I can recall nearly a year ago when advertisements for her talk show were airing. I would often say to my mom how I wasn’t sure I liked her or would really want to watch her show. My hesitations stemmed from preconceived notions I held about her, however, the day her show began, I decided to watch and see how I felt. From that moment on, I was hooked. If I’m not watching her live, I will often record her for later viewing. I find her to be genuine, true to herself, and an overall pleasure to watch. She inspires me with her strength, courage and bravery, truly revealing much of what she has been through and currently struggles with. On-air, she has revealed her battles with self/body image, Bulimia, the tragic death of her husband due to colon cancer, underwent a colonoscopy on-air, and frequently tweets about her insomnia issues. She doesn’t try to hide or conceal who she actually is on her show and to me, it’s something I value and appreciate it. At the same time, she also has a sense of humor, which can make for a lighthearted, down-to-earth vibe.


  • The Chew – Back when The Chew first started, I taped a couple episodes and was uninterested. However, last year, I decided to record an episode and see how I felt. I ended up absolutely loving the show, most of the hosts and the dishes they create on-air. All of the hosts (Michael Symon, Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, Daphne Oz, and Mario Batali) are seasoned professionals with culinary training and expertise, a sense of humor and have excellent on-screen chemistry. They are a pleasure to watch as they try out new recipes, ideas and contraptions on-air. They often bring audience members on stage for cooking competitions, trivia contests, and other fun segments. One day, I’d love to be in the audience and be able to partake in some of the on-air stints. Plus, they also have a cookbook available for purchase and one that will be hitting bookshelves in the Fall! Also, I appreciate the mix of ages among the hosts, ranging from Daphne’s 27 on up, creating appeal for viewers of any age.


  • The Dr. Oz Show – I’ve been a fan of Dr. Oz for years. To me, he appears genuine and truly invested in bettering the lives of his patients and viewers. An actual physician, he provides his expertise and knowledge on-air, and is never afraid to learn something new. On his show, he doesn’t appear to be conceited or a “know-it-all,” rather he is open to learning about new foods, topics, and medical advancements and seems to welcome guests to share their knowledge with him. I’ve learned a lot from his show and have come to trust his opinions.


  • The Rachael Ray Show – What a fun TV show! I’ve been a fan of Rachael’s since watching her consistently on The Food Network, truly one of my favorite channels. I love the little phrases she coins (EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yummo, Stoup – a combination of soup and stew, among others). She is versatile and real with her guests, allows them to cook alongside her, and truly demonstrates how passionate she is about cooking. I like that she is honest with her audience, even admitting she isn’t particularly a fan of baking, but encourages others (i.e. Buddy Valestro from “Cake Boss”) to take the reigns and show her audience how baking is done.


  • Live with Kelly & Michael – In a way, Live with Kelly & Michael and I have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, I absolutely love the show, and appreciate how Kelly Ripa can think of a random, quirky, fitting thought at any time and improvise flawlessly, while other times, it can be exasperating. All in all, though, I like how both Kelly and Michael are real on the show. In fact, when Hurricane Sandy hit last Fall, Kelly shed visible tears on air and recounted the times she and her family spent at the Jersey shore, being a Jersey native herself. Her pain and anguish was real and genuine and could be felt through the screen. Most of the time the show is lighthearted and humorous which is something I enjoy, especially during days or mornings that are particularly stressful.


  • Good Morning America – Routinely, I affectionately refer to Good Morning America as simply, “GMA.” This a show I have watched live on nearly a consistent basis throughout the years. Usually, I will never stray from the show to turn on a different channel. Each morning, I rely on seeing them, watching Sam Champion enthusiastically report the weather, laughing and sharing quirky exchanges with his co-hosts, hearing Lara Spencer report on the breaking Hollywood News of the day, and rooting for Robin Roberts, who visibly battled cancer and other ailments on-air. Each of the co-hosts are inspiring and brilliant Journalists, traveling and working above and beyond, to share with their viewers all that is happening throughout the world. As someone with former dreams of becoming a Journalist, the co-hosts on GMA are reminders to me of why years ago, I longed to become a professional, reporting and writing and truly learning about people. Not only is GMA a morning television program, but to me, they are my trusted friends and confidantes.


There are several other television talk shows I am fond of (Ellen, occasionally The View & The Talk, The Doctors), but those I’ve mentioned above are the few which are particularly close to my heart. I’ll be the first to admit, I am a lover of words and media, whether it is television programming (talk shows and the news), magazines, newspapers (yes, the printed, tangible kind) or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) I like to be in contact and in the know. I like to be able to share my thoughts and opinions and watch others do the same.

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite talk shows? Would you ever want to host your own talk show?


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